The Pen Is Blue

30 06 2017

the pen is blue.


the penis blue?

are you trying to tell me you have a blue penis?

no I am telling you that the penis blue.

do you want me to call a doctor and tell him that you have a blue penis?

no do not call the doctor, my penis is not blue.

then why do you keep saying the pen is blue if it is not?

what color is your penis?

what does that have to do with anything?

I’m not sure but you’re the one who brought it up.

I did not.  I was talking about the color of my pen.

which pen?

that pen.

oh, that pen is blue.

there you go talking about blue penis again.

Lay off the Donald, let him be president.

8 06 2017

Trump’s not going to be impeached. He didn’t do anything impeachable. It’s all media lies. Watch Comey’s testimony, the real thing, not CNN’s version. It’s truly pathetic and it is fake news. Watch the hearings for yourself. I know, by what I’ve read here, that most people do not watch the hearings, but merely get the news from other sources which are opinions and spun up lies to bring down the president.

I watched and listened to the entire hearing. There is no collusion with Russia, nobody has any evidence, period. And Trump did not tell Comey to stop the investigation into Flynn. He said he ‘hoped’ the cloud would be lifted. And that is far different than giving a command or order, and Comey testified that he believed Trump was telling him what to do, but he said that to ‘hope’ is not the same as giving an order.

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