Oh, the intellectual heights you can reach with text messaging!

26 10 2007

This is a conversation I just had with Lance via SMS using Verizon’s vast wireless infrastructure.

Lance: Let’s get together, put on leather helmets and club each other to Yanni’s greatest hits.

Me: I agree with all of that except for the part about Yanni’s hits being great.

Lance: It’s a comparative way of ranking Yanni’s songs differentiating his master works from lesser filler efforts within his wide, all encompassing catalog. It’s not a personal assessment of Yanni “the artist’s” degree of suckitude.

Me: Well, if the ranks are based on the scale of suckitude then greatness is relative whether good, bad or suckish. His greatest suckiness would indeed be considered great among the greatest of sucks.

Lance: Well, sure. That’s a given. I’m not arguing that. I’m simply saying that I have the helmets and clubs right now.


12 10 2007

It’s up to us whether we will be happy or not. Our surroundings, our environment, our circumstances…they are all secondary to what we feel inside.

We can choose to be happy with what we have, or not. If we don’t like what we have then we are faced with a choice. The choice is to change those things or remain with them. If we remain with them and we are unhappy then we have chosen to be unhappy.

I choose to move forward and pave my own way. I choose to set my mind on the light ahead rather than the darkness behind me. Life is a journey and should be experienced with enthusiasm and anticipation for what’s coming around the next corner. The unknown is as scary as it is envigorating so I’m going to jump in with both feet and make my mark on this world and my fingerprint is uniquely mine.

Future generations will determine what my residue has created and I anticipate the day I can look back from wherever I am and see the groove I’ve carved and the wave I’ve made and how powerful my life has been as it has intertwined with the lives of everyone else on this big blue marble.

Hillary is building the big American teet

9 10 2007

Hillary Clinton is off her damn rocker. Anyone who believes she is what America needs is also off their own damn rocker. We all went through the original Hillary-care proposals during the Clinton administration of the 90s and had to put up with her abrasive droning on and on about how it takes a village and how she will help the government coddle us from cradle to grave. I wanted to poke her eyes out with that proverbial ten foot pole every time I saw her on TV over stepping her role as first lady and trying to power her way into the administration. Who the f*** voted for her? Not me, not my neighbor, not you. But we still had to listen to her propose salvation.

Now, here we are in 2007 having to hear it all again, but it’s even worse than before. Not only is she proposing Hillary-care, albeit sugar coated this time so she doesn’t appear quite so leftist, but she has offered $5000 to every new born (she floated it that one to the Congressional Black Caucus as ‘an idea’) and a government sponsored 401K plan.

Her 401K plan is a real doozy. It’s another Robin Hood plan to tax those who own estates worth more than $7 million and match investments of up to $1000 yearly for those who earn under $100,000. She proposes encouraging employers to enforce direct deposit on the employees who would be participating in the plan.

I’m no historian and I’m no scholar but this, to me looks a hell of a lot like communism and Hillary is clearly working to rub out the class differences — see Stalinist. If she is allowed to get into office and push forward with these big government baby stitting plans then the good old USA is on a slippery slope to the gray days of the hammer and sickle.

I can’t believe people actually call themselves Americans and, at the same time agree with her ideas. Americans do not need the government to manage their lives. We need the government to protect our borders and security so we can live free and prosper according to our own free wills.

Hillary is an evil woman drunk with power.

Who are you and why are you reading my blog?

2 10 2007

I’m curious, what is it about blogs that makes people show up to this particular page and find any interest in my life or opinions? Do I know you? Do you know someone I know? Did you click a link and accidentally wind up here? Were you searching for gerbil porn and found me instead?

I can see the posts that get read and the search engine terms used to find my site, and sometimes I wonder how I become the bait that lands these hits. See some of them below:

who created the Ripstic
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sheehan for congress
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Akash Bhairab
Quote “…sounds like someone has a case of the mondays
ripstick injuries
break or sprain
are dw drums overhyped
modestly conceited
experience museum project
calmer than you
i want to break my leg
why is my leg so tight from bruise

Tell me who you are, what you like, dislike, would like to see, or if you just want to tell me to piss off and die that would be fine too. Thanks for stopping by.

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