The Palestine Solidarity Movement

9 08 2008

I found this blog post interesting.  It talks about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the fact that Palestinian Christians are more prosperous than Palestinian Muslims.  Food for thought.  You can read the entire blog at

Friday, January 19, 2007

Palestine Solidarity Movement encourages Palestinian Muslims to convert to Christianity

While the Palestinian Solidarity Movement does not necessarily subscribe to evangelist Jack Chick’s theology, it recognizes that Christian culture–in terms of prescribing how people should behave toward one another–is totally superior to most forms of “Islam” that are practiced in Gaza and the West Bank. In addition, Lebanese Christians tend to have far better educations and far higher incomes than Lebanese Muslims, thus reinforcing the Palestine Solidarity Movement’s conclusion that Christianity leads to a far better way of life.As shown in Sky Lighter from Chick Publications, this is what militant “Islamic” mullahs and imams are teaching Palestinian children today. Note, of course, that the gray-bearded imam who is telling Palestinian children that they will go to Paradise to enjoy the services of 70 dark-eyed virgins did not get to be a gray-bearded imam by acting on the advice he is giving these boys.While mainstream Islam teaches the same lessons as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and all other mainstream religions–things like loving your neighbor, not doing violence to other people, and respecting the natural rights of all people–the militant “Islam” that is prevalent in Gaza and the West Bank teaches its followers to:
(1) Kill female family members for “adultery,” which includes being raped.

(2) Murder other people because of their religion or sexual orientation

(3) Commit suicide while murdering other people

(4) Engage in mindless violence that keeps Palestinians poor while their Judeo-Christian neighbors become rich through application of Judeo-Christian ethics and principles.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement accordingly concludes that conversion to Christianity and adoption of Christian principles would be in the best interests of the Palestinian people, and would result in an enormous improvement in their standard of living.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) is an international movement committed to assisting peaceful Palestinians using legal and nonviolent public relations methods and principles. Founded by a small group of activists, PSM aims to support and strengthen Palestinian resistance against oppression by providing the Palestinian people with a voice to nonviolently resist terrorism and coercion.

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Comments on my comments – The whole AC/end-of-the-world thing continued…

9 08 2008

In response to my post about Obama being the Anti-Christ, I received a comment, posted below, from Doughlasjk Stambler, in the which he called me a racist.  Well, maybe he didn’t call me an outright rasicst, but he said my comments were not ‘Christian-like’ and that they were ‘racially motivated’.

I have posted those comments and my comments to them below, and have also included comments from another reader of my blog.  All of these can be found on my ‘about‘ page.  They were posted there originally for some reason, so I brought them here since they’re interesting food for thought.  They may be silly and sensational, but they’re thought provoking and entertaining nevertheless.

Barack Obama is not the antichrist. I am against Obama for President, but he is not the antichrist. You are misunderstanding Scripture. Your attacks against Obama are not Christian-like and racially motivated.

calmerthanyouare (11:05:15)

Racially motivated? Where do you get that from? That’s convenient for you to say. Perhaps you’re the racist. This has nothing to do with his race, nothing at all. That’s just another reason it’s going to be so convenient and easy for people to overlook the dangers of a Barack Obama presidency. I’m not the racist here, I’m just calling things as I see them unfold. As I said at the end of my comments, and as I have said throughout my political postings, these are opinions of mine based on research and my own conclusions. I am open to the possibility that I could be entirely wrong. But a racist? Give me a break.

Kristi Aldinger (11:03:20)

those are great quotes and your point of view is refreshing.

Do you have an opinion about what Aaron Russo said about his friendship with a Rockefeller and what they (the Rockefellers) would like to do and are currently working on with regard to our financial system and government?

While everyone keeps looking at Barack (which I understand completely), there are people working behind the scenes (in my opinion) doing things subtlely to make the changes that are needed in order to fulfill the prophesies we read about in scripture.

Perhaps Barack is a part of it, maybe not, time will tell that. However, there seems to be so much more going on. Japan with it’s ability/intentions to control the weather, Sweden/France with it’s particle colider, the Rockefellers objective with chip implaints and bank control. I believe it is a combination of many, many things that we should keep an eye on while we go about living.

Just my thoughts, no claim to be right – just curious.

Your thoughts?

calmerthanyouare (12:05:52)

Thanks for chiming in, Kristi.

Aaron Russo is a compelling individual. I listen to what he says and I actually believe in a lot of what he says. I’m really careful when it comes to stepping out and saying what I REALLY believe is going on behind the scenes, but I think he is on the money. The arrogance of the Rockefellers isn’t surprising and I wish there were more men like Aaron Russo out there.

The problem is, that for the most part the American public looks at them like they’re complete kooks so they can’t get any political footing. It’s so easy to just knock them down with the strength of the establishment that they don’t get the attention they deserve.

That is why the prophesies in the Bible are going to come forth and play out and we will be able to watch them unfold and compare world events to things foretold in the scriptures without people panicking and saying, “Whoa, let’s stop this before we go too far!”

People think it’s all a bunch of fairy tales, that there is no way that there could be a underground elitist power controlling the movement of the political playing field around the world. It’s all about money. I believe what he says about Gloria Stienem and Women’s Lib. I’ve watched this stuff go on all my life and while it’s been good on the surface, the key to power for these elitists is to destroy the family and gain control over the minds of people individually.

The only way to do that is to break down the traditional family structure and rebuild those learning and nurturing sources by changing the schools, churches, philosophies, politics, etc. around the world, starting with America. Introducing Socialism into the American way of life is like bringing a Cancer in and having to begin to eat away at our greatest strengths. Soon, these elitists will be able to start coming forward without having to be so cloaked and hidden and people will embrace their ideas because they will be seen as solutions to widespread social ills of American life.

Obama is a pawn, and he is really eating it up. Bush has been a pawn somewhat but I don’t believe he is the evil man that the lefties say he is. Our American presidents have been doing what they’ve done because they believed in those things. They have wanted to see America move forward and keep remain a sovereign nation and a standard of liberty and freedom. I think Obama just wants glory, and that’s why he’s so ripe for the position of AC.

There is one last thing I’d like to add to this post.  It’s a comment to a post made at a blog about the possibility of Obama being the Anti-Christ.  It was referenced yesterday on and and there have been a lot of comments and traffic driven there since.  One person had some very interesting things to say and I wanted to add them here as well.

Blogger Ypsilon said…

Thank you from Europe for your good and interesting blog. May I add some of my thoughts on the subject?

I was brought up in Chirstian faith and know the book of Revelation and the varied interpretations of it concerning the Antichrist, though I have been an agnostic for many years. Indeed I did some intense research about the subject a few years ago when I was planning to write a sf short story, though I never thought the Antichrist could be real. I had problems to conclusively invent a person, beloved by all the different denominations on earth.

Obama fits everything.

When all this suddenly came to my mind some night I was really bewilderd and scared. When I heard and saw Obama on TV there was a feeling in my mind: “He reminds me of somebody, but I do not know of whom”. One night I woke up scared and knew: He has reminded me of the Antichrist.

Today I am no more sure whether the Antichrist exists or not. So I did Google search and found your blog, completely shocked that this idea (which I still considered my own craziness) ist shared by so many people.

To those who suggest, Bush being more evil and killing Iraqi children and the like … it is not (in the beginning!) about being evil but about being universally beloved, it is about a political leader who acts and is accepted like a cult leader or even a god. Bush (and other politicians) of course do have their voters and supporters, but they aren’t comparable to religious believers and either they are despised outside their own country or just not of any interest. All of this is different with Obama.

Additionally “Rome” is not mentioned in the Bible, people only thought it should be Rome because of the seven hills. But Honolulu is a city built on seven hills too. And it is in the middle of the Sea.

Obama fits everything so perfectly that I am absolutely sure it is not coincidence. Either he is the Antichrist or he performs to be the Antichrist for some reason.

Have you ever considered the second possibility?

He knows people think he is the Antichrist and he does not do anything to refute this notion, i.e. urging his followers not to hail him like a god. And McCain knows as well and jumps on the game as is proven by this ad. Maybe there is a web of deceit much larger than we can think.

Thank you again for your site.

A little clarification on this whole Anti-Christ deal

9 08 2008

Alright, it’s getting pretty nutty with all the cross linking and political mumbo-jimbo going on and all the finger pointing and Obama being accused of being ‘The One’ or the ‘Anti-Christ’.  Even I said he’s the Anti-Christ spoken of in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, but that doesn’t mean I’m right.

The truth is, as far as what I can gather and understand, is that it looks like the AC seen in vision by these prophets, represented figuratively by the beast/dragon characters with the seven heads, ten horns, the wounded head that was healed, rising up from the sea, etc., is probably not so much an individual political figure so much as maybe the primary political world leader of the time, or a political ideology or the primary group of political strategists in the last days who make war and lead the world into so much calamity.

This makes a lot more sense to me.  But what do I know?  I’m just a guy watching the world news and reading the bible, trying to put this puzzle together because I have Internet access and a curious mind.  I could be wrong.  The one thing I am sure of though, what is coming is coming, and no matter what the AC, the beast, the 666 or any of that literally means, it is all here in some form or another and we are all watching it unfold and partaking in it.

These are exciting times, and being prepared for ourselves, knowing who we are, being right with God and our families and being watchful of these events is the only way we will be able to be safe from them.

I was accused by a reader of being a racist because I called Obama the AC.  That’s just silly.  That’s why he will probably win the presidency, because of that sort of attitude.  Just because he is an obvious target, the race card is being played all over the place and it’s going to be a great distraction.  Obama is slick, much slicker than the Clintons ever dreamed of being.  He has the best slight of hand act in political history.  He can get you watching his right hand while his left hand is left unwatched to do anything he pleases.  He distracts us with promises of change, promises of unity, he plays the race card, he says he’s not like those who have come before him, he says he will bring long needed peace to the nations around the world of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, peace between Israel and Palestine, he uses all sorts of rhetoric to distract us while he is working his bag of tricks with his other hand.

Pay attention to this guy, he is one slick mofo.  McCain isn’t exactly the greatest second choice but at least McCain isn’t hell bent on selling out American sovereignty for political glory under the guise of being some kind of world Messiah, healing nations, building bridges and tearing down walls.

The American melting pot is spilling over into all of the nations of the world and Obama is mixing it all up together, trying to make peace and sense out of the chaos.  He actually believes he can accomplish this.  Mankind can not live this way, it will not work out for Obama, and that’s why I see this playing out as the bible has foretold.  The parallels are too great to be ignored.

Watch and learn, be prepared.  But above all, be happy, keep doing the good work.  Make your neighbors happy, try to cheer up those around you, lend a helping hand wherever you get the chance.  Just because people like me and nut-job conspiracy theorists obsess over these hypothetical, end-times scenarios doesn’t mean we have given up hope and are standing idly by, waiting for the Savior to swoop down and carry us home.  Those are the kool-aid drinkers, the comet chasers and the loons of the world who go off together claiming to know the day or the hour of the coming of the Lord.

This nothing more than like getting caught up in the Rubic’s Cube craze, or losing yourself in Soduku.  It’s just something I find interesting, it doesn’t mean I’m a complete nut-job fanatic who is going to run out and stock up on ammunition and hide away in a bunker.  I know life goes on, I have to work, I have to raise my family and there are still a lot of things I want to accomplish before all this insanity plays out in reality.

So, just to summaraize, I’m not nuts, I’m not going to go all survivalist, I have no idea what Anti-Christ even literally means, but I do think Obama is a megalomaniac who will do far more harm than good, and he’s a pretty good charachter to look to if you want some Apocolyptic type drama to follow in your spare time.

Barack Obama and his budding Messiah complex

8 08 2008

Barack Obama is being set up as the savior of the world.  It was kind of a joke, and is being played out in jest by the GOP but Obama and people around the world are embracing this as a sort of calling, a leader who will heal the wounded nations, bring us together and unite the world for peace.

If anyone has studied, really studied the prophesies in the book of Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation it would be much clearer and probably a little more real than some joke being portrayed by conspiracy theorists and GOP extremists.

Barack Obama is taking upon  himself a Messianic role.  Right now I’m sure he believes he has some great answers and solutions to the world’s problems, and there are a lot of people who are in support of his vision.  But he will become drunk with this vision of being the Savior of the world.

Israel will attack Iran and Obama will support Israel in stopping nuclear proliferation, thereby securing Israel as a soverign nation and solidifying its status in the eyes of the world and thereby thwarting the Palestinians’ desire for the destruction of Israel.  Israel will call him the Messiah, literally.  They will believe he is the one who has come to save them.

But then the political framework he has worked to build and that perceived peace he has achieved will begin to crumble, and Barack Obama will be forced once again to take sides.  This time he will side with the Palestinians, who will have valid arguments against Israel that Obama and other world leaders will support, and they will begin to fight against Israel, fulfilling the prophesy that the anti-christ will be seen as a  Messiah to Israel, and after 42 months will turn against them with the nations of the world to destroy them.

This will bring the battle of Armaggedon and usher in the Second Coming of the Savior, who will be the only one that can stop the destruction and mayhem being poured out up on mankind.

I have seen this coming for years.  Call me crazy, but watch it unfold before your eyes.

I’m also open to the possiblity that I could be entirely wrong.  Fortunately my future and salvation doesn’t depend on whether or not I’m right about this stuff.  I just need to be prepared every day in case it does happen, and I believe, as the scriptures tell us, that it will happen.

Sr. Chinese army officer says Islamic separatists are biggest danger to the Olympics – big surprise!

4 08 2008

Extremist groups of The Religion of Peace are taking matters into their own hands again to spread their gospel message by blowing up 32 Chinese policemen at a border post in Xinjiang, China this week. The Turkestan Islamic Party in China has release a video entitled Our Blessed Jihad in Yunnan and has threatened the Olympics.

The Washington-based IntelCenter, which monitors terrorist communications, has quoted Col Tian Yixiang of the Olympics security command centre as saying, “The Chinese have haughtily ignored our warnings [and]…the Turkestan Islamic Party volunteers…have started urgent actions.”

Wow, big surprise there.  The Chinese have ignored and denied these warnings.  I can’t believe the Olympic Committee has the balls to actually think holding the Olympics in China is a good idea.  China is the last country on Earth that is any sort of good-will standard and should be sanctioned to the gills if anything.  I’m just astounded at the arrogance and ignorance displayed by these groups and the willingness of others to put themselves in harm’s way just to execute another Olympic games.  God bless our athletes and may they be protected from this fanatacism.

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