Red Hot Chili Peppers Review of the Life of Vaughn Brown

20 11 2012

I know everyone in my life thinks I’m on the verge.

Yeah, I’m always on the verge of something but have I died?


Have I come close?


Am I close now?

Trust me, my verges are far from death these days.

I don’t share a lot because I’ve learned it doesn’t help, and the things I do share are for my entertainment because the online world is a game. The real world is where real things happen…or don’t.

So here’s a quick journal entry from my last 12 hours:

It’s early in the morning and I’m cold. Staying in a Hotel Lobby for the night. Marriott Courtyard. I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers last night at the Rose Garden. The show was great. The had a ton of energy and Flea said they have been coming here [Portland] for 30 years just up the freeway.

Josh Klinghoffer is a great Red Hot Chili Pepper and the show was just as intimate as ever. Everyone brought full energy and it was one of the best crowds but that isn’t taking anything from any other crowd because RHCP delivers every time.

I’m sure there is a lackluster moment from time to time but no true fan lets any of that sort of thing even enter the Blip screeneage. So it all goes off like a big old family love fest from start to finish. Flea walked across the stage on his hands. I’ve always seen Anthony in the handstand, but this year it was, at least for mine, and any live eyes’ viewmentness; Flea and the acrobatics. A Flea Circus Moment if you will.

And he and Anthony wore matching yet mirrored pantless pants tonight.

“But pantless how?” you ask yourselves.

Tube socks were worn on the leg meat and pant meat was removed to display, at least for me a show where I finally got to see RHCP showcase the tube sock.

No dong slippage nor hesitation toward that end.

Oh, and the percussive brethren in their various elemental roles added the accentuated hither and yon needed to help evolve the growth and ongoing maturity and greatness of this eclectic and always youthful band of exuberant soulful sex funk from heaven with its Pepperings of Psychedelia, its Chilinations of funk and complicit with rock and roll Punk Rock Rootitootage to keep it anchored for the Seasoned, and the wonderful and innocent always growing tender Chili Childrens.

They nevery fail because they always deliever, hearts never wither, spirits of brothers come and gone in the sustenance of flow as a new beginning, even an ageless, always and forever. Love, all love.

…and as everyone may or may not know I’m still getting my affairs in order…but as I am always on the verge, the verge is near, and so in my always enthusiastic zeal and lust for life, even at my age of 47, I walked from the Heights in Vancouver, Washington to the Rose Garden without a ticket,

Indeed I did.  And that’s how I do it.  I just do it, and don’t talk about things anymore, just go and do because I can and will.  I walked down hills and along miles of train track and along crowded freeway then into the venue  where I enjoyed the entire show like I belonged there, like I do, because I did and that’s how it works, at least for me.

And it does work. And it always has worked, for me. And just because nobody else has every attempted to live life they way I do, doesn’t mean my life has no meaning, value, reward or richness. And trust me, when it’s all said and done, everyone is going to stop and stare aghast at the things you never imagined I’ve done in my quiet moments of alone time, peace, serving my loving Heavenly Father, for His Glory only, not to share or to be shared for any reason at all, other than for just Him to know that I love Him.

…and that’s how I live. So stop worrying and start loving me. I kick ass.

And if your response is, “but all I’ve ever done is loved you” then you missed the entire thing, because those who I love and those who have loved me…we know. Even though we don’t know.

Because anybody who is involved or who has any interest in what’s going on with me, they only care about their own ideas, opinions and understandings and refuse to accept that there may be some things going on that they are unaware of or that possibly that it might, just maybe, possibly, holy shit balls America,that Vaughn knows what the hell is really going on in his life since he’s living it and everyone else is just talking about what they think he’s living without having a clue

And you say that’s because I don’t tell you. well when I tell you what I tell you, you don’t want to listen and when I tell you what you want to hear you tell me I’m lying. so love me or leave me the fuck alone.

Things are getting good actually. I’m having fun. everyone can relax and unfasten your seat belts.

Christmas has not been cancelled, despite all the negativity. Santa is still coming down your chimneys but he has put the Stanford Cardinal on the Naughty List for what they did to the Oregon Ducks just last Saturday.

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