Lay off the Donald, let him be president.

8 06 2017

Trump’s not going to be impeached. He didn’t do anything impeachable. It’s all media lies. Watch Comey’s testimony, the real thing, not CNN’s version. It’s truly pathetic and it is fake news. Watch the hearings for yourself. I know, by what I’ve read here, that most people do not watch the hearings, but merely get the news from other sources which are opinions and spun up lies to bring down the president.

I watched and listened to the entire hearing. There is no collusion with Russia, nobody has any evidence, period. And Trump did not tell Comey to stop the investigation into Flynn. He said he ‘hoped’ the cloud would be lifted. And that is far different than giving a command or order, and Comey testified that he believed Trump was telling him what to do, but he said that to ‘hope’ is not the same as giving an order.


Nigga, please!

11 01 2015

In this petulant time of political in correction I reminisce upon a heavily sarcastic blog post about the hair-trigger, standing-guard-to-be-offended-at-the-slightest-accidental-speaking-of-the-term-for-the-black-man’s-race, hypocrisy African America forces down the throat of anyone who’s skin is of the pale complexion..

See racist blog post here:

They can say, “manigga” to one another, but if a white person says “nigga” or god forbid, the non-ebonic actual word “Nigger” we have somehow, in their petulant minds, just approved everything that Hitler and Pol Pot and the evil white slave traders ever did against any race that is not white. I think it is time for white people to say, shut the **** up manigga and stop talking down to us because I did not enslave your grandparents and I did not put crack cocaine in ‘da hood’ and I did not kill Whitney Houston or beat Rodney King’s dumb ass. The dumb fools in the ghetto (and I do not mean to say that ALL people of the African Heritage fall into this broad brush stroke, but there is a culture, a stereotype that is perpetuated by the media, CNN, McDonalds, the NBA, NFL, ESPN Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others) did burn their own neighborhoods and smash Reginold Denny’s headmeat in with a cynder block because he was a white person because dumbass Rodney King truly did break the law and drive drunk, but did not deserve to be beaten.

But I can not say ‘dumb nigga burnt up his own dayum neighborhood in a petulant huff’ after something he does not understand happened in the halls of justice in America, a place they live, and demand that its government provide to them, but do nothing to give back or to serve their fellow mankind or give back to an America that coddles their dumb black ass.

Why is it that in MY own personal experience with, not every one, but most black folks, will be cool to Vaughn Brown, but demand something of him, that he give them something, or provide something to them.  Why is that?  I notice it all the time.  Always looking to see what they can get from someone else, never looking to see what they can do for another. Is this a cultural thing?  Is this engrained in their minds by example in the black culture?

And if this is recognized by me, it has to be recognized by others, and we are told we can not speak of these things because they are of the African American culture and we can not possibly understand nor dare to speak about such things.

But Vaughn Brown is calling bullshit on all of it.  Because it is time to fix America from the stupid petulance of victimization and lazy hand-out reparation payback entitlements. I say unto my negro bretheren, who I truly do love because they feed Vaughn Brown delicious food and make him laugh out loud until his stomach is in knots for the hilarity and fun we have together, why can you not be grateful that you live in America and not in Nigeria or Etheopia? Maybe many hundreds of years ago there was a slave trade business, but that was then, and this is now. And I’ll tell you one thing that you conveniently dismiss from the record, that YOUR ancestors SOLD their children to the white man in exchange for the gold and riches that they lusted after with their eyes, the bling you still seek after in exchange for integrity and honor.  Yes, that is how the slave trade business took place.  You think that white christian mankind went to Africa and raped and pillaged the African Family and took them to America against their will?

The slave trade being a business for the African to sell his children for the wealth that they jealously envied of the white man is the majority of how the slave trade took place. Do the research, free your mind and your ass will follow.  The Kingdom of Heaven is Within!

And whitey did not feed you crack cocaine, manigga.  You discovered the euphoria of freebasing cocaine after the news reported what Richard Pryor, your idol and standard for blackness, did to himself after an all night crack cocaine binge, or in those days it was just called ‘free basing’; he freaked out, was up for several days smoking the crack because he was a rich nigga with unlimited supply of cocaine, and he broke his brain-meat after smoking the Nirvana-euphoria that free-base cocaine gives you, and he lit himself on fire by douching himself in the liquor of Bacardi 151 Rum and then striking his Bic lighter upon himself to see if he would catch fire because he was out of his mind on crack cocaine, free-basing cocaine!

And then he ran down the street because he freaked out, and because his brain was confused by the crack cocaine he did not remember to stop-drop-and-roll, but ran down the street, giving the flame oxygen to burn his African skin, almost killing him.  But thank God Richard Pryor survived, because he got his life straight and made up for his mistakes.  But THAT is where ghetto black person first discovered the delights of rock cocaine, free-basing, what became known as crack cocaine, and was not given to them by the white man, but discovered after Richard Pryor’s flaming ass ran down the street in a crack cocaine binge induced huff.

But god forbid a white person say Nigger to this type of behavior, because political correctness will shut our mouths and censor our thinking for ever speaking the ugly truth about the stupidity of the ghetto mindset, which is glorified by MTV, the pop culture hip-pity hop music industry and Hollywood, to destroy white America and enslave themselves in their stupidity and petulance, giving themselves over to Barack Obama’s agenda of categorization and overt setting up of class division, which is to say the Proletariat and the Bourgeois now in America, when Barack Obama said he would fundamentally change the Nation.  Meaning to crumble the work of the Founding Fathers and replace it with the Obama Agenda, which is a Communist Agenda to overthrow freedom and liberty, to enslave America to a One World Government, making the US of A dependent on foreign countries for its sustenance, shutting down the pipeline that would give release and freedom to America from the middle east choke-hold it has on our need for petroleum products.


14 03 2014

The members of OFF! outside their studio, during a break in the making of their newest album. Left to right: singer Keith Morris, bassist Steven McDonald, drummer Mario Rubalcaba and guitarist Dimitri Coats.This band called Off! is my new favorite!!  I heard of them from Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Wow, love them, and it’s no wonder I love Anthony and his vibe so much.  He wore a ball cap the whole I’m With You tour that says Off! to give them his personal shout out.  How kickass is that??!!

The band is fronted by Keith Morris, original front man of the punk band Black Flag and founder of the Circle Jerks.  He also had another band called Midget Handjob, which is my new all time favorite band name after The Butthole Surfers.  I that that name would never be trumped but Keith in his Punk Rock Jesus wisdom obviously knows better.

Check out Off!  If you’re a fan of real, true balls to the wall punk rock and really understand what it’s about you’ll love it.  If you’re offended then you don’t understand punk and you probably should just go away.

Check them out here –> Off!

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