Lay off the Donald, let him be president.

8 06 2017

Trump’s not going to be impeached. He didn’t do anything impeachable. It’s all media lies. Watch Comey’s testimony, the real thing, not CNN’s version. It’s truly pathetic and it is fake news. Watch the hearings for yourself. I know, by what I’ve read here, that most people do not watch the hearings, but merely get the news from other sources which are opinions and spun up lies to bring down the president.

I watched and listened to the entire hearing. There is no collusion with Russia, nobody has any evidence, period. And Trump did not tell Comey to stop the investigation into Flynn. He said he ‘hoped’ the cloud would be lifted. And that is far different than giving a command or order, and Comey testified that he believed Trump was telling him what to do, but he said that to ‘hope’ is not the same as giving an order.

Conversation with Tom Cruz and John Travolta

20 07 2016

Hey John Travolta, how’s it goin’?

I don’t know Tam Cruz. It seems like everyone tinks wer’re weirdo alien control freaks who have buttsex wit each udda.

WTF is up wit dat?

Well, we do, right? Like, right?

Don’t go getting all Vinnie Barbarino on me John Travolta or I’ll have to take you to pleasuretown

See Tam, dat’s what I’m takin about. Don’t act like such a fag, man.

You’re the one who made Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever.

Yea but I didn’t go makin no Eyes Wide Shut. You tink dat fooled anyone?

Yea, we slipped that one past America. Put it on screen and it has to be made up.

Unfortunately Tam, the Americans caught on and now think we’re gay.

Just don’t come out of the closet and it will be cool.

Yea, let’s pretend nobody knows you and me play cabana boy bongo every Tuesday afta-noon.

This conversation will self destruct

It’s a good ting you were in Mission Impassible Tam Cruz.

I know, right?

Hey, Tam Cruz?

What’s up John Travolta? Is it Tuesday already?

Everyone knows we’re weirdos, and I’m like totally freakin’ out man.

Is it Tuesday yet?

Tam, cut it out man. People even know I’m bald.

You got wigs.

Shut up half pint. I’m skippin’ Tuesday and makin’ Saturday Night Fever III, Da Revenge of Tony Manero’s Hair.

Yea, good luck without a screenplay.

I gaat one.

Yea, right.

Hold on, be right back Tam Cruz.

In your dreams.

Is it Tuesday yet?

It’s always Tuesday over here Tony Manero.

Tam, you’re kinda givin’ me da creeps.

Oh, sorry. I’m gonna go watch myself in MI II and eat ice cream while you make Saturday Night Fever III.

I neva sed dat.




Art and Music

12 04 2016


Art and Music are consumers of space.

There is a time and a place for all things, turn, turm turn.

One eternal round for God to renew and become new again and clean and glorified by the polishing grace of the glory born of His chosen races while the pace makes haste at distances as they leave a trace of their moments in time that rhyme in kind without knowing or blowing upon the winds under a wing to give flight in the night to live dreams and streams of a thread in the comfort of bed after nodding and trodding upon one another without reason through the seasons to uplift and give gifts to share and to bear one another‘s burdens without casting aspersion to encumber one’s ride so they can glide side by side on this earth with mirth to be taught and to teach to uplift through the mist we will rise with surprise to discover and be wise to share and not despair the seasons beyond reason to encumber or trepidate another‘s journey without earning or deserving the right to take flight in the night after not having enough rest to be blessed to have fun and come undone like the Son we are from we remember in December but throw away while we play and we make sure to be grateful for all that we have and been given so that living does not suck but is chill to be given grace from the most excellent choice from our brother whose mother was Mary and might have had a brother named Larry, but there are things we do not know so stones we throw at those who suppose to understand all they’ve been given from the One who has risen and has given us just enough to satisfy our curiosity but pacify those who love to fuel the animosity toward another brother then take cover the the name of fame to get gain.

And when it rains they all claim to have changed and be born again to profess to confess in the name of He who knows best to abide without pride for whom the prophets have prophesied would return as we earn our own place in His heart not by condemning sinners but for loving your brothers and being winners in this race where there is grace given by the Man who loves all and as we learn from Paul that we are all brothers from another mother that must give love to one another without pride to abide in a man‘s heart taking place in a space where there is no grace, only justice to judge us and make waste from our guilt but our Savior who’s name He was given in a manger called Jesus or Jehovah to the Jew to take over in the end to mend and reconcile so that Israel can send us on over to the promised land which will be grand to stand upon and with a throng.

Hallelueah, Hallelueah, Hallelueah, we are here.

Love and Pain are One in the Same

8 04 2016

[photo by vaughn brown – model Cydney Young] Love is a two way street. It flows and it ebbs. It gives and receives. Love does not take. Anger takes and anger abuses the loving places withing …

Source: Love and Pain are One in the Same

Waffles and Pancakes

19 03 2016

imagesimage from random Internet search. I did not make this image. (I have to say this because I have been threatened with lawsuits over prior art)

Pancakes and waffles are good.

We all know they’re basically the same thing. But there’s something about the waffle that’s just better than the pancake.

The thing is, you got your pancake batter and you got your waffle batter.  We know it’s the same thing but don’t make the mistake of putting waffle batter on a pancake griddle or pancake batter on a waffle iron.

Do something like that and  your messing with the whole space-time continuum thing. Open up a worm hole and send us back to the time when there were no waffles?  I can not abide something like that.  So be careful how you handle your pancake and waffle batter.  It’s not something to be taken lightly.  These are very important things to understand if you wish to succeed at life.


And I’m not talking about square waffles.  Square waffles are like the fast food of the pancacke /waffle experience.  Because square waffles come pre-cooked and frozen just to be re-heated in the toaster oven.  This is the McDonald’s of waffles.

While they are convenient I can not abide the pre-cooked frozen square waffle.

And any of you out there who  have a waffle iron that makes square waffles, trade it in for a round waffle iron.  Be cool and hip and circular like the pancake because squares are uncool, man

Which brings me to another waffle conundrum.  Even though we now are all in agreement that our waffles must be round, they would not be waffles if they were not made up of a bunch of small squares in a round configuration.

And that’s the difference between the waffle and the pancake.  Same batter, designated for different purposes, pancakes, round, waffles round, made of squares.  Man I just wanted some pancakes and waffles and now I’m doing geometry!

And there’s some thing about the waffle we all like better than the pancake, right? like it knows something the pancake does not. Like it’s just a little bit cooler than the pancake.  But what’s weird is, the cool waffle is made up of a bunch of uncool squares.  Because squares are uncool, man.

  • Sometimes I wonder which one Donald Trump’s hair would prefer. The pancake or the waffle. Because  on one level, Trump is kind of cool, like the waffle because he don’t answer to nobody but Donald Duck.  But on the other hand the waffle has a lot of edges and Trump never did no drugs or alcohol so maybe his comb-over prefers the less edgy pancake. It’s a no nonsense confection.  No edges no squares, just pancakes ready for syrupy goodness.

And what about the Belgian waffle?  What makes the waffle Belgian?? The fact that the squares are bigger?  You just thought it was because the squares were bigger but that is not the case my friend..

You could make a real small Belgian waffle with real small squares as long as there were only like four squares making up that Belgian waffle.  And of course, always, the tiny Belgian waffle is round and cooler than the silver dollar pancake.

Stay High

14 02 2016

mc5I wrote “stay high” in one of my stoner girlfriends’ yearbooks in my Jr. year of high school. And she left her yearbook behind in class one day and the teacher opened it and started reading the comments.  So dude called my parents and said we needed to do a drug intervention with me, just because I told her to stay high.

I didn’t do drugs like those chicks.  They were way more mature and older than me.  I started school a year earlier than I should have so I was always with older kids in the same class and I witnessed things earlier than I should have.

They would come to school on Monday, after the weekend talking about taking LSD and Cocaine and having sex with their older boyfriends.  I just listened and let it roll off my back because I knew I was way too young for that business.  But they liked me a lot so they would travail me with these stories of slutty-hood and debauchery.

So I knew they liked to party and they were my friends in school so I wrote, “stay high” in her yearbook and the adults all freaked out on me.  And her too, but she laughed it off because her parents allowed her these luxuries.

But not mine, and not that I would have wanted to do that stuff at such a young age, I wouldn’t have.  They would tell me that I needed to take LSD with them and then they would “take advantage” of me in the bedroom.

Sounds about what every high school boy dreams of, it actually happened to me but I just put it out of my mind because I knew I was going on a mission for Jesus Christ when I was 19 and I had to remain pure as I could.  But I smoked a lot of weed, and drank alcohol and made out with a lot of chicks…I just never went all the way like those crazy chicas wanted me too.

And after the discovery of “stay high” in the yearbook, I was grounded for two months by my parents.  Man, that sucked.  I got grounded a lot, and for long times too because I did some stuff I should not have done, but it was never as severe as my parents imagined, and during lecture time I never said anything, just listened to them tell me what kind of trouble I was getting into for coming home smelling like smoke.

Man, I must have driven my parents nuts in my latter high school years.  They have no idea I was merely the celibate stoner.  I just liked my brain escape from the harshness of home, but I wasn’t out womanizing or anything like my other buddies were.

Protected: Stand Up Comedy

10 02 2016

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