January 2012 is already gone

31 01 2012

This month is already gone and we’re on to 2/2012 tomorrow.  Time is flying and it’s not slowing down.

When I was a kid it was almost unfathomable to imagine how things would be in the year 2000.  Would I own a flying car?  Would I own a robot?  Would my house be round with blinking lights all over the place and could I command my appliances with my voice?

Well it’s 2012 and beyond all that futurama we have something greater to anticipate.  The end of the world is supposed to come during the holidays this year so we have that going for us.  If the Mayans were right we either have some cataclysmic changes to anticipate, or they just ran out of steam keeping their calendar up to date.

Either way it gives us humans something to look forward to in this ever increasing pessimism.

Oh, we get to vote Jimmy Carter out again too.

Happy New Year!

I cut my hair

18 01 2012

Here’s me growing my hair.  I was going to let it go for at least a couple of years then donate it to Locks of Love but I had to get back on the job hunt so I chopped it.  Here ‘s a vanity shot.  The gray is showing again now that it’s all short.


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