The Oracle Truth

11 09 2011

This was a post I kept private…but it makes me laugh now.  I think my brain was on fire.


That’s a line I’ve been laying down for the last few days and I like the way it sounds.  Because when I say what I mean it tells me I’m speaking the Oracle Truth, and He tells me to keep on preaching it.  I can come off as somewhat of an a**hole to some people and others get me; those are my brothers and sisters.  We are reuniting for the coming of the Truth.  This Obama Administration has royally screwed up the fabric that has kept our nation great for centuries, greater than any other that has ever existed.  Greater than Rome.  And Obama is killing it with his Jobs for America plan, pass it right away, immediately!

I have two words for President Obama.  F*** and You.  Sorry tender ears, but sometimes that word has its place and right now is the place.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he offed himself in the Oval Office he’s such a cowardly jackass.  And you bet your bottom dollar that when he gets voted out of office next year there will be race riots in the ghettos.

Thank you very much Barack Obama for bringing so much Hope and Change we can Count On!  We saw it, we did not hope for it, but you surely changed shit around brotherman, like on the sly my nigga’.

OK, does that make me a racist?  Seriously??  Black people talk like that all the time and they get away with it, but Johnny Cracker here can’t talk like that.  When I was in jail I heard white dudes calling each other Nigga’.  I just laughed it off and shook my head at the ignorance and dumbassery all around me.

That’s my injection of Oracle Beef for 9/11/2011, a ten year anniversary.  May God in Heaven bless the souls of those who were lost in that tragic event and may the blood of those barbarians be shed on the sands of their deserts for what they tried to do to us.

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