Conversation with Tom Cruz and John Travolta

20 07 2016

Hey John Travolta, how’s it goin’?

I don’t know Tam Cruz. It seems like everyone tinks wer’re weirdo alien control freaks who have buttsex wit each udda.

WTF is up wit dat?

Well, we do, right? Like, right?

Don’t go getting all Vinnie Barbarino on me John Travolta or I’ll have to take you to pleasuretown

See Tam, dat’s what I’m takin about. Don’t act like such a fag, man.

You’re the one who made Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever.

Yea but I didn’t go makin no Eyes Wide Shut. You tink dat fooled anyone?

Yea, we slipped that one past America. Put it on screen and it has to be made up.

Unfortunately Tam, the Americans caught on and now think we’re gay.

Just don’t come out of the closet and it will be cool.

Yea, let’s pretend nobody knows you and me play cabana boy bongo every Tuesday afta-noon.

This conversation will self destruct

It’s a good ting you were in Mission Impassible Tam Cruz.

I know, right?

Hey, Tam Cruz?

What’s up John Travolta? Is it Tuesday already?

Everyone knows we’re weirdos, and I’m like totally freakin’ out man.

Is it Tuesday yet?

Tam, cut it out man. People even know I’m bald.

You got wigs.

Shut up half pint. I’m skippin’ Tuesday and makin’ Saturday Night Fever III, Da Revenge of Tony Manero’s Hair.

Yea, good luck without a screenplay.

I gaat one.

Yea, right.

Hold on, be right back Tam Cruz.

In your dreams.

Is it Tuesday yet?

It’s always Tuesday over here Tony Manero.

Tam, you’re kinda givin’ me da creeps.

Oh, sorry. I’m gonna go watch myself in MI II and eat ice cream while you make Saturday Night Fever III.

I neva sed dat.




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