Time After Time

19 11 2013

How many times have I come to this crossroads?

How many times have I turned down this chance?

For life to fill me up with you, the dream in my heart

But you don’t know me, I only think of you

And make you mine while I drift away

A fantastic muse, my heart’s creation

A walk in my mind with love by my side

Come to me on another plane, an unknown realm

Where you know who I am and our touch is real

We share our souls as one for a time

Night after night when my dreams turn to you

How I wish you were real, I believe that you are

My quest to know you, waking consumes

My fantasy to fill the emptiness

Of the loss of love, time after time

Dreams of Eternity

19 11 2013

Thoughts and dreams that come and go

Recurring symbols to me they show

Where I was when it all started

Watching how it had been charted

From a place beyond our time

In the family of the Divine

So far away, still here with me

If I look inside I still can see

That distant place where we all knew

Our very essence as we all grew

Into the embryonic brilliance

That guides us now to our resilliance

And the trials of life we learn to master

Comforted by our eternal Pastor

If we turn to Him, the One above

The Source of all of truth and love

Our wisdom grows and we become

Heirs of His kingdom where all are one

Come What May

19 11 2013

Come what may, I’ve learned to be me

I know the truth has set me free

From the shackles of an angry, insecure

Frightened child who had been lured

Into a trap that held me back

And derailed me right off track

I’m still that same old lonesome boy

Who learned a love that brings me joy

Transcending all of time and space

Free to every member of the human race

I have a dad who taught me this love

That shines upon us from above

He’s our Father in Heaven who we all must

Get to know so we can trust

That we will live again one day

After the trials of mortal decay

He’ll show us how to live today

As we tell ourselves, “come what may”

What It Is

19 11 2013

Drifting away on a peak in a dream

Waking myself in a silent scream

Knowing nothing, where did I go

Everything’s moving way too slow

Scar tissue building stronger than me

It’s so unkind but helps me to see

I’ve walked in these shoes for too many miles

I’ve brightened spirits and seen many smiles

But I’m still unsure

And my heart is impure

But my hands are clean

And this is just a dream

So I fall away and let it go

The lonely stage of this one man show

Monkey Demon

19 11 2013

Reading the lines in between

All the days combine

The coming light, a  brand new scene

I tell them I feel fine

But I’m alone, all to myself

Deceptive fantasy so sublime

My numbing grace from far below

Lifts me up so high

The only love I surely know

I’m faking, but I try

Faded memories of a time

I ask myself, but why

Imprisoned by a force beyond

Progress standing still

I have to move to respond

To more than lying pills

I know I have a strength within

The power of free will

To My Children

19 11 2013

My dear children, you I know

I love you so, beyond comprehension

You will understand one day

As you love the little loves of your own

I’ve grown myself with pride for you

And these past few years I’ve missed

Have pierced me like a knife

My heart has bled and broken

And I’ve run from all I felt inside

To hide from what I let hurt me

But I was wrong, and I know what’s right

And my resolve is new, my strength returned

My head is clear, my mind restored

And my spirit renewed to be your father

And to become again your greatest hero

Having overcome myself and my enemies

To prove that people change and that love always wins

In the end the bond and strength of family

Is greater than anything else we know

A gift from Heaven to enrich our souls

And to heal our wounds

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