Who is Calmer Than You Are?

My blog is taking a new direction.  This country is under siege and it is time for civil war.  I’m not holding back and I’m not censoring myself any longer.

Hi, my name is Vaughn. I live in Utah, I have 3/5/6 kids and I’m divorced.

I have always thought that the journey I’ve been on should be portrayed in a big screen motion picture someday.

This blog is a chronicle of my life, the things that turn me on and the things I like to share with others.  These are my opinions, things I’ve learned to be true after having lived life to its fullest.  I’ve been there and done that and I have every right to everything I say, everything I believe, everything that I hold sacred and everything above is between me and my God, made possible by my Savior Jesus Christ.

Now hold on, it gets bumpy in here.

All of the images (except the hippie poster, the shot of Jada Smith and of course I didn’t take the shot of Muhammad Ali. Sometimes I’ll take from the Intronets but it’s usually obvious if I do) in this blog have been created by my hand and mind with the help of a camera and Adobe Photoshop.

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29 01 2011
Lance Blas

Love the story about your son and the cup of hot chocolate for the homeless guy. Great lessons benefit those around us but stay in the hearts of those who experience them like being in the spot in the water where the ripple of a pebble begins. I love you.


7 12 2010

thanks rachel. i’ll start posting more.


29 04 2015
25 10 2010

hey man, came across your page and gotta say “post more please” you have a great way with expression. I enjoyed it.
thank you

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9 08 2008
9 08 2008

Thanks for chiming in, Kristi.

Aaron Russo is a compelling individual. I listen to what he says and I actually believe in a lot of what he says. I’m really careful when it comes to stepping out and saying what I REALLY believe is going on behind the scenes, but I think he is on the money. The arrogance of the Rockefellers isn’t surprising and I wish there were more men like Aaron Russo out there.

The problem is, that for the most part the American public looks at them like they’re complete kooks so they can’t get any political footing. It’s so easy to just knock them down with the strength of the establishment that they don’t get the attention they deserve.

That is why the prophesies in the Bible are going to come forth and play out and we will be able to watch them unfold and compare world events to things foretold in the scriptures without people panicking and saying, “Whoa, let’s stop this before we go too far!”

People think it’s all a bunch of fairy tales, that there is no way that there could be a underground elitist power controlling the movement of the political playing field around the world. It’s all about money. I believe what he says about Gloria Stienem and Women’s Lib. I’ve watched this stuff go on all my life and while it’s been good on the surface, the key to power for these elitists is to destroy the family and gain control over the minds of people individually.

The only way to do that is to break down the traditional family structure and rebuild those learning and nurturing sources by changing the schools, churches, philosophies, politics, etc. around the world, starting with America. Introducing Socialism into the American way of life is like bringing a Cancer in and having to begin to eat away at our greatest strengths. Soon, these elitists will be able to start coming forward without having to be so cloaked and hidden and people will embrace their ideas because they will be seen as solutions to widespread social ills of American life.

Obama is a pawn, and he is really eating it up. Bush has been a pawn somewhat but I don’t believe he is the evil man that the lefties say he is. Our American presidents have been doing what they’ve done because they believed in those things. They have wanted to see America move forward and keep remain a sovereign nation and a standard of liberty and freedom. I think Obama just wants glory, and that’s why he’s so ripe for the position of AC.


9 08 2008
Kristi Aldinger

those are great quotes and your point of view is refreshing.

Do you have an opinion about what Aaron Russo said about his friendship with a Rockefeller and what they (the Rockefellers) would like to do and are currently working on with regard to our financial system and government?

While everyone keeps looking at Barack (which I understand completely), there are people working behind the scenes (in my opinion) doing things subtlely to make the changes that are needed in order to fulfill the prophesies we read about in scripture.

Perhaps Barack is a part of it, maybe not, time will tell that. However, there seems to be so much more going on. Japan with it’s ability/intentions to control the weather, Sweden/France with it’s particle colider, the Rockefellers objective with chip implaints and bank control. I believe it is a combination of many, many things that we should keep an eye on while we go about living.

Just my thoughts, no claim to be right – just curious.

Your thoughts?


8 08 2008

Racially motivated? Where do you get that from? That’s convenient for you to say. Perhaps you’re the racist. This has nothing to do with his race, nothing at all. That’s just another reason it’s going to be so convenient and easy for people to overlook the dangers of a Barack Obama presidency. I’m not the racist here, I’m just calling things as I see them unfold. As I said at the end of my comments, and as I have said throughout my political postings, these are opinions of mine based on research and my own conclusions. I am open to the possibility that I could be entirely wrong. But a racist? Give me a break.


8 08 2008
Douglas Stambler

Barack Obama is not the antichrist. I am against Obama for President, but he is not the antichrist. You are misunderstanding Scripture. Your attacks against Obama are not Christian-like and racially motivated.


5 07 2008
Dan H

Lance showed me this. I had no idea. I’m not worthy. Peace brother…..Dan


4 04 2008


After my eyes had finally turned square, from study and viewing the monitor for a good solid couple of hours… a nagging thought hit me again… “Which is What?”. / or \ ???… I need to know… I’d procrastinated for far too long. Now is the time.

This is when I stumbled upon your Website. I’ve taken a tad longer break than I anticipated, but so worth it.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures, life experiences and extremely funny thoughts. Your pix aren’t to shabby either 😉

Oh and I will never ever forget which one is the Forward Slash / and which is the backslash \.

Thank you 🙂
2008, Everythings Great!!!


5 03 2008



19 10 2007

We all like the existential philosophers like Nietzsche, but life is all about experience. The travesty or blessing depending on outcome is that life is all about experience and some may just get to choose to experience for self to know they exist. However your sharing and the way in which you dictate my just indeed be the key to preventing one more person from having to choose heartache and anguish.

Res Firma Mitescre Necit – latin for “once you got it up, keep it up” – speaking specifically about life’s lessons and not your Dong” 😉


18 08 2007

Keep on moving forward! The only constant is change . . . unless you have a strong dong.



7 08 2007
Lance Blas

i wouldn’t recognize you if your head wasn’t up there.


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