Hitlery Clinton is out to save AmeriKa

20 09 2007

Hitlery Klinton is at it again with a reincarnation of her universal health care plan. This time it has a new name — Individual mandate. We all agree to some degree that our health care system needs help and we all probably agree that as long as the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, HMO’s, etc. are the ones dictating our costs, that nothing is going to change any time soon.

We need a health care revolution indeed. The problem with that, however is that the government is beating us to the punch. Presidential candidates are using this so-called mandate as a springboard to election.

Americans like choice and Hitlery knows that so she is pretending that her plan gives us choice. We can choose to participate or not participate in her health care plan. That sounds wonderful but the government is going to be responsible for financing the new American HMO and employers will no longer be providing health care options to their employees.

We will still have the option of paying for our own health care though, and that sounds pretty good, right? Well, not so fast. Mrs. Clinton is also proposing that every American have health insurance prior to being hired. She’s sneaky. She will be able to campaign on the platform that she’s solving the health care crisis by providing it to every American. She will also be able to claim that she is not taking away choice for those who want other options. The problem here is that before one has employment they will have to buy into the socialist system and show proof of health care. This is an obvious catch 22 that sound bytes and bumper stickers will be able to ignore.

Beware of Hitlery, she is an evil woman drunk with power.

Cindy Sheehan for Congress?

14 09 2007

I’ve noticed that Cindy Sheehan is back in the news. This woman is our Hanoi Jane of the 21st century. The poor woman is bereaved since the death of her GI son, and I can’t imagine the grief of a mother who has lost a son, but she has really fallen into the deep end of the pool on this one.

Not only has she become the number one shill for the left wing anti-war mob but she is now considering a run against Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives in the US Congress. Um, excuse me for asking this but Cindy, who the hell do you think you are? What has she done to offer anything to the progress of this great nation? I can think of a few things she has done to embarrass herself and her family.

Those on her side of the fence (or rather, in her wing of the asylum) see her as a willing martyr who has embodied their pet issue by taking upon herself the pain of personal loss. Well, the truth is that she is pissed off because her son got killed in the war. Not to be insensitive but she had nothing to do with taking upon herself this burden and pain of personal loss — it was handed to her. Her son lost his life fighting voluntarily for the freedoms of people around the world. Casey Sheehan is, in my opinion, a true American hero, and for his mother to turn his memory into an anti-war cry and a vendetta against a President who sent her son to foreign lands to fight is shameful at best. He was a volunteer in an all volunteer army. Had he come back a decorated war hero I’m sure this woman would have been a proud supporter of our troops and the President for giving her son the opportunity to achieve something noble. Unfortunately he was a casualty of war, which for many is just as noble.

For this woman to believe she is worthy of a congressional seat is another example of her struggle with reality. The American spirit is not one that embraces grief and that runs from a fight because of pain of personal loss. The American spirit is one of resolve, strength and courage to stand up in the face of adversity and move forward in the face of a challenge to conquer and destroy the cancer that enters into our society and decays our liberty and freedom. Our country needs leaders who are steady and strong, who have integrity and who are guided by their moral compasses and who are not persuaded by the seductive voices of emotion. Our country is in desperate need of leaders who embody the American spirit.

Tomorrow, September 15th 2007, our lady of sorrows can be seen participating in her latest anti-war demonstration organized by the group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER). This rally and march on Washington will culminate in a “die-in” in front of the US Capitol.

If Cindy Sheehan runs for congress, the only appropriate campaign slogan I can think of for her would be “Blame America First”.

Loud talking trash – A rant of rants

13 09 2007

<RANT grammar=”runon”>I hate when I go to a restaurant, typically a fast food joint of swanky mode and many star rating such as Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr., and have to listen a couple of tables away to a pack of inbred, or at least poor-bred, white trash, malcontent losers, usually consisting of several generations out for a “nice meal” and speaking at above normal volume bent on impressing those within earshot with their out-dated pop music ringtones, their proclivity for eructation, ball busting on one another to show alpha status, etc. and so forth.

It is at these moments that I want to walk over to the older generations in the group, AKA the parents and grandparents, and tell them to listen to their loudmouth children when they speak at home so I don’t have to be subjected to their mundane and horribly trivial and worthless interests while out in public.

Having said that, I wish to add that I love all people and forgive them for their rudeness and complete disregard of others present and their ignorant assumption that just because they are so simple minded as to believe others are interested in hearing them out-gas and bop head to a midi version of “Wake me up before you go-go” that everybody must be impressed by the same tripe.</RANT>

Backslash, forward slash…what’s the difference?

10 09 2007

When I hear a radio ad that ends with the mention of a website URL and the narrator says, “dot com, backslash” I want to call the writer for the ad and let them know how retarded they have just sounded across the airwaves. Maybe we’re not all equally techno-savvy when it comes to the punctuation used in a URL, but we do all know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma, and knowing that is as important in today’s world wide web as knowing the difference between back and forward. A comma goes at the bottom, an apostrophe goes at the top. They mean different things. So do backslashes and forward slashes — one leans left and one leans right.

First of all, a forward slash is a punctuation mark and a backslash is a typographical symbol used in computer programming, they do different things. Backslash is one word. Forward slash is two words, I’m assuming because it was originally just called a slash but when bringing computing into the world we were introduced to a different leaning slash and now have two to choose from. They are distinguished by ‘forward’ and ‘back’ when they really should be called ‘slash’ and ‘backslash’.

How do you tell which is forward and which is back? The forward slash leans to the right, as if it is leaning forward as you read the words on the page. The backslash leans to the left as though it leans backwards in relation to the direction you move across the page.

Forward slashes people. Let’s all remember this so I don’t get worked up and drive my car into a ditch having a coronary over such a trivial matter when we all know what you mean anyway.

Thank you for your attention.

African American, please!

5 09 2007

So, Black Enterprise magazine invited Eddie Griffin to do some stand-up at an event this week and dude gets cut short for doing what he was hired to do. I’m all for cleaning up our language and showing proper respect for all men, but when you hire Eddie Griffin what should you expect? The man has built his career on glorifying the more despicable aspects of ghetto life.

The thing I find funny in this article on the incident is the mention that the NAACP had a mock funeral for the N-word. All this symbolism over substance is one thing but the name itself, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, makes a reference that if I were to use in casual conversation would get me a world class beating. What about the United Negro College Fund? How about a funeral for all of the formerly accepted references? How sensitive do we need to be? Colored, black, negro, African American…what’s it gonna be?

I was born during the Civil Rights movement when the term ‘colored’ was on the outs and the term ‘negro’ was the accepted nomenclature. A generation later ‘negro’ was racist and ‘black’ was preferred. Now ‘black’ is somewhat tainted and we’re to use ‘African American’. Please, for the love of Rodney King, make up your damn minds so we can get back to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Akash Bhairab, here are some goats. Now fix my plane!

5 09 2007

I really don’t know what to say about this. How can modern day technology be merged with animal sacrifice and be passed off as proper aeronautical engineering? Evidently Nepal finds it perfectly normal as they sacrificed 2 goats in front of a malfunctioning Boeing 757 and passed it off as a repair job. I shit you not, read it for yourself.

I can’t kill a guy for you today…

4 09 2007

Last year around my birthday I had a celebration that lasted several days…OK, weeks. Here’s now it started. My friend Lance and I went up to Park City for a little celebration on Friday night. We had planned on ending the evening with a trip out West to the Bonneville Salt Flats and a little overnight in Wendover. We were a little too tired so we crashed out about 4am at his pad.

8:30 the next morning rolled around and I woke up bright eyed and ready to rock. I wandered into his room and kicked the side of his bed and said, “dude, I have a huuuge favor to ask you.”

He replied, “what?”

I said, “let’s go to the salt flats.”

In a slighty irritated voice he calmly responded, “gimme a minute.”

He roused himself and we drove out for an incredibly epic adventure that I will blog at some later time. On the way I decided to ask him what he thought when I first asked him for a huge favor. His response still makes me laugh my ass off. He said, and I kid you not, “I thought maybe you wanted me to kill a guy for you, but then I remembered I left my trident at the dry cleaners.”

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