The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

3 01 2019

First of all, I have done and chosen what I have for various reasons, known only to me and God. And that is what I have been taught by feasting on the Scriptures.

Some of you have been taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of you have learned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you have taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But are you living the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

And my observation of humanity today; everyone on their electronic device, divided individuals, not socializing but doing social media which is completely impersonal and with no emotions or charisma, only words and digital images, perhaps video, but still very disconnected.

Nothing organic anymore. People walking around with a screen in their face, not interacting with their environment but living in a virtual environment.

And what does the word virtual mean?

The dictionary says, “being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly such:”

So what it says is that it has power or force, but it is not real. And this is what occupies the energy and minds of most people today. A power or force that is not even real. And there are those who don’t believe in God but let these things manage their lives. That is confounding to me.

The convenience herein is the ability to make changes that we can not with paper and ink. In virtual reality, change is easy, hiding is easy, but if you live in reality things are real and unchangeable.

And why is virtual reality so popular?

The quickness of satisfaction, the immediate gratification, the instant delivery.

How long ago was it that we were being told by our superiors that to wait gives more meaning to the outcome?

Is that principle lost on technology today?

We give away things with immediate satisfaction.

Tom Petty said it when he said, “The waiting is the hardest part. You take it on faith, you take it to the heart”

But with time to wait, rather than becoming impatient, there is time to ponder, to be thankful. Do not be impatient, learn from our negativity and transform those things into strengths and things you can learn from. Humble yourselves and give in to the truth that you have been hiding from for what ever reason, and usually the reason is fear of change, or habit. Habits are good and bad, they are just the way we do things, but we can do something different if we feel stuck in a place in life.

It does not matter what it is you choose, as long as you make a good choice, something healthy and uplifting to the spirit and body. Find something new, create something from your imagination. Make the world a better place. Everyone has something spectacular within themselves. The tragedy is that sometimes an environment will squelch the inborn creativity.

We are all creators because we are children of a great Creator, and being children in embryo of a great Creator means that we have hidden talents that we must seek out and explore. That is our purpose, to find these hidden treasures by living life correctly and not living up to the expectations of other people’s assumptions, that are clearly misunderstood because nobody can read another’s mind.

So do what you love and don’t worry about the judgments of others. Because great things come from those who understand the rules, then do things differently for good reason, not for selfish reasons or to glorify one’s self.

Because what does it mean to thrive in life?

It is defined by the things that society tells us it is. But, perhaps that is not the only way to live life. Perhaps this is something someone started, that looked good, so everyone else followed along. And who is really doing anything new and creative?

Usually most people live up to the expectations of others. And the tragedy therein is that most of the time, nobody truly knows what others expect of them. People assume much, then make choices based on incorrect assumptions.

We tell ourselves that we are a free thinking society, however, most of what we do is predicated upon what others will think or believe or conclude about what we have been doing. Are we truly individuals or are we sheep?

The problem here is fear and anger response. When someone does something different from the societal norm, there are reactions and responses that usually stem from jealousy, fear and anger.

Something new and different in society is usually, immediately rejected. Then sometimes it is given a second chance perhaps to see if it would “grow legs” or come to fruition and be understood or accepted.

And why is that? The immediate rejection of something not understood? It is to protect ourselves from the unknown. But aren’t we always looking for something new and unknown, discovering new things and expanding our intellect?

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