Islamic Jihad is coming to your neighborhood

24 12 2013

Our nation was born out of religious persecution from the Church of England and we became the first society to have freedom of religious worship. A fact that many want to forget these days is that every principle of honor and goodness our founding fathers used as a standard by which to found the government came from either Christianity or Israel. 

And now our children, our little tender hearts are being taught in the public school system that it is not right to profess your Christian faith in public but they celebrate Islam and teach it to them to pacify, so that the next generation will unknowingly, in their sleep, let Islam take over America. This is the goal of radical Islam and exactly what the Arab nations are working for. 

They are being taught that Islam is peaceful and that women are respected. That is all lies. Islam is full of deception and lies. It’s a religion of hostility and takeover. They are never happy with anything and the mainstream is giving them carte blanch to ‘fundamentally change America’. Does that sound familiar? Barak Hussein Obama said it, and it’s one promise he’s keeping.

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