Cure For Depression In The Year 2015

19 06 2015

Put down, get away from, or unplug whatever screen has your attention and go create something of beauty, anything, but do it without your electronic device.

Cook a meal from scratch out of our imagination, make something new.

Draw a picture of yourself, then do it again.

Get out of the slavery and bondage of the Internet!

It is a web that is catching its prey.

The World Wide Web.

always watching

always watching

And it has caught humanity as its victim and they don’t even realize it.

Do Something Good

22 01 2015


Please do something good with no reward in mind and no benefit to self.

Please serve your brothers and sisters with compassionate love that you felt as a child toward another.

Please make something spectacular of your own design and imagination and creativity and share it with no one.

This is how we heal America.

Why I Went To Rehab And Then Did Not

19 03 2014

duckbottleSo I’ve struggled with something they call addiction most of my life.  It’s a monkey I carry around with me and sometimes having a monkey around isn’t really all that bad.  Monkeys can be a lot of fun but they’re mischievous little buggers.  You just have to make sure to keep grinding the Organ to keep them happy and feed them peanuts once in a while.

And I got tired of feeding the monkey, taming that  little bastard and keeping him at bay.

Click here to see how I felt –> Wiped Out!

So, I decided that after a seven year binge of escapism and figuring out what this crazy world is all about, what it all means, where I fit in and where I need to go to take my place in the Plan, I decided to clean up and go to rehab.

I went to rehab because I was done checking out of reality.  I checked out because of the unimaginable pain that I went through having had my family taken from me, and then making some mistakes because of my fragile emotional state, with Erica, falling so in love with such a beautiful woman, such a lovely person.  I will never stop loving her.  She is incredible and taught me so much about myself and about life and gave me Max; that precious angel from heaven.

But she has moved on and she and Max are being well taken care of, and I am so blessed to know, to have the comfort that all is well with them.  Because I was beaten down and broken and tossed out with the trash when I found myself in need.  But those who did it to me didn’t know what they were doing.  They didn’t understand where I was coming from or who I was or what my true potential was.

This life sometimes plays out as a fantasy, and so many people imagine their future dreams as nothing more than unachievable fantasies and then they accept the shortcomings and mediocrity they are given as a consequence of their lack of faith and perseverance.

And I don’t say that because I think people are weak or bad or that they don’t have integrity or that their worth is not great.  It’s just that so many of us have such big dreams, but we are beaten down by the distractions of this world that we forget about our big dreams, so we live our broken dreams and accept the little pieces we can pick up as we move on, living in hindsight, trying to somehow relive the past by projecting it on the future and in so doing we often times find ourselves on a course we didn’t mean to embark upon.

But there we are, so we walk that course, and are somewhat lost, but accept the mediocrity we have created having not achieved our broken dreams.

But not me.  And I went to rehab to prove to everyone that I was, once and for all, done with the bullcrap.

But I chose a particular rehab center called Renaissance Ranch in Utah County.  This rehab purports to be associated with the LDS church.  And I’ve been to the LDS church’s Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) and I’ve also been to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  I hate AA because it’s nothing more than a bunch of alcoholics who have quit drinking but can’t shake the monkey of addiction so they have replaced their alcohol and drug abuse with those meetings, and in the meetings they tell war stories of their battles when they were out their using and abusing.  And each story is nothing more than a glory-days walk through the past to remember how horrible and debaucherous their lives once were.

That’s not recovery, that’s living in the past.

So when I was sold this $16,000, 60 day Renaissance Ranch package it sounded like a great alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  I thought we would have access to doctors and counselors; professionals who understood where we were coming from and where we were headed, who understood that we needed healing, real healing and not a band-aid approach to pacifying the monkey, rather killing the monkey and getting rid of him for good.

And they said they did it all under the guise of LDS principles, using the healing of the Atonement of Christ and following the teachings of the gospel.

But when I got there it was nothing like that.  It was a bunch of petulant young guys who were full of anger and who did nothing more than point their fingers at each other, call each other out for the things they found wrong with one another, and then turned on themselves to tell the group why they were so screwed up.  There was no talk of healing, there was no talk of the principles of the Atonement of Christ.  Once in a while there would be a prayer and once in a while one of the counselors might refer to the scriptures for reference to a teaching.  But there was nothing close to feeling the Holy Spirit in that place.  It was cold and dank, void of the spirit, void of love.  It was full of ego and self importance, full of a bunch of guys who thought they had all the answers for everyone else but no answers for how to manage their own personal selves.

So after three days, in a group meeting after they called me out one time too many I finally opened up and told them that the whole thing was a sham.  That I was sick of the vulgarity, sick of not hearing any gospel teachings as I was sold on, sick of hearing everyone point fingers at each other and sick of these people not having a freaking clue what it takes to truly heal a broken soul.

Band-aid approaches, and you know why?  It’s a bunch of owners and administrators who are self-righteous know-it-alls using their memberships in the LDS church to attract LDS people who have addiction problems to make money under the guise of addiction recovery.  And they’re a bunch of charlatans, just like our doctors, our pill pushing pharmaceutical industry, our politicians, it’s all a ploy to line their pockets, to support their families and while they do some good, their hearts are in it only for themselves and not for the individuals.  They claim to love the individuals and while they may show care toward them, they don’t really.  They just want them to be part of the flock of sheep, part of the group, to fit the marching orders of the category in which they are classified.

And I don’t put up with that crap so I split.  And my family is livid with me.  But I have to do what I have to do because I know what I’m doing and I always have and I’m sick to death of being told what I should be doing and how I should be doing it because those who tell me those things are the ones who have mocked me, put me down, picked on me and treated me like I don’t matter when they have no understanding of the great things I do that they never ever see or care to know about.

And I’m not angry, I’m just fed up.  Like when Christ cleansed the temple.  He wasn’t angry, he was just done with all the nonsense and petulance and did what He had to do because His Father told him to.

I’m Vaughn Hocksworth Brown and I approve this message.

Following Patterns and Achieving Balance and Healthy Living through the Application of Natural Law and Common Sense

4 02 2013

patternPatterns are so important in life.

Think about it.

We use a pattern to sew a dress, we use a pattern to follow after anything we try to learn that has come before us. Patterns are all around us and they are the fabric that make up our humanity; the vast tapestry of emotion, reaction and triggered response we live through every day.

We are all conditioned to follow after a pattern.  We find patterns that are pleasing to us and we follow after patterns that are familiar such as the pattern belief that says if you go out in the rain without a coat  you’ll catch a cold.

How could a cold virus be thwarted by the wearing of a jacket?  Does the cold virus live in rain drops?

mountainsWhen I was in my first psychology class in college my professor told us a story about a young couple who baked a ham for dinner.  He said that the bride would cut the ends of the ham off and then toss them into the trash as part of the preparation and she thought that’s how you baked a ham.

Because her mother had a pan only big enough to fit a ham if it’s ends were cut off.

It’s important that we often ask ourselves why we do the things we do and it would enliven our lives to change up our routines from time to time.  This is the key to staying young and feeling exuberant  because if we sit around following after the same old patterns our ancestors followed then we’re going to die of all the same diseases they died of.

Our minds have far more control over our bodies than we realize.

I can tell you as surely as I am breathing that a virus could run through me without making me sick and that same virus would make ill most of the population of this country.

How is this possible?  Mind over matter isn’t just a cliche.

The key to health and growth is all within us.  It’s inside of us.

Our society is so caught up on the outward appearance that we go to extravagant lengths to look good on the outside, to have good skin and few wrinkles but inside require all kinds of medication just to get through the day.

Its all backwards.

reflectionThere is a revolution going on right now and people are finally coming to realize that they if they want to look good they have to feel good on the inside first.

It seems we just can’t fake it like we used to.

It’s time to get back to nature and allow our bodies to be what they were created to be.  It’s OK to get sun rays on our skin.  Vitamin D is good!  Don’t fear the sun.

You won’t get skin cancer by spending more than average time in the sun if you treat your body right on the inside.  This I promise you.  But if you are consuming aspartame and processed food by-product you might be a cancer patient.

It’s important that we monitor what we put into our bodies.  We are what we eat, as they used to tell us back in school.

If Popeye ate all that spinach so he could kick Bluto’s butt you better believe it still works today.

Its about educating yourselves and choosing the right diet and exercise.  To build a healthy body you need protein.  It’s what we’re made of, the rules don’t change.

So is eating a lot of chicken, beef, pork, whey, soy or dairy the answer?

Sure you’re eating protein but you’re not consuming protein in a way that the body is ready to use for itself.  What you need are the building blocks of protein.  This is like trying to paint a house with the paint that has already been sprayed on the neighbor’s house.

drumsladderFor our bodies to build themselves up, to regenerate what is lost or fortify what we already have, we need the essential building blocks of protein that come to us in the form of essential amino acids.

And this is where we begin to understand how Popeye and his spinach got along so well.

He became Captain Amazing after a quick can of spinach. Imagine if Popeye got  his energy from a side of beef.  Olive Oil and Brutus would be together rocking Sweet Pea to sleep while Popeye went to get his colon checked.

Popeye understood something the rest of us didn’t.

‘I am what I am’, he says.  He’s the master of his own machine.

What is protein made from?  Amino acid chains.  And that’s what spinach gave to Popeye; the essential amino acids needed to immediately stand ready for battle against Brutus and all his brawn.

Spinach makes him strong to the finich ’cause he’s Popeye the sailor man.

These are good patterns to follow after but they have been lost to McDonald’s and fast food consequences.

McDonald’s made me fat and now I have a broken pancreas.

I think the truth of the matter is that you have a broken will that gives in to delicious over-hydrogenated fatty foods.  Then when you get cancer or fibro mayalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome or whatever new syndrome it is you get as a result of filling your body full of unnatural nutrients you stand back and say,  “aw man, I bet it was all those x-rays I got when I was a kid at the dentists’s office.”

Or maybe your pjamas were made from asbestos.

nycEither way you went and got yourself some cancer and now it’s time to figure out if you’re going to let the doctors kill you or let the cancer kill you.

The cancer industry is a thriving market ready to take all comers. Bring on your cancer!

“We’ll shoot you full of chemicals that will put you on the verge of death, and just before going to the other side we might be able to bring you back from the depths of anguish and hell in our attempt to kill the cancer.  All in a days work to make a buck.”

Our minds can overcome our bodies!

It is said that every human wins on average about six bouts of cancer throughout their lifetimes without even being aware.

Our bodies are our own.  We owe it to ourselves to know them better than we do and to take better care of them than we do.

Sure we are resilient but resilience only goes so far and then you’re just pushing the limits.  So it’s important to understand what our bodies are made of, where those compounds come from and understand the basics of cell biology since we are all made up of trillions of individual cells all functioning on an individual level, all together in harmony for our benefit.

seagullSo our trillions of cells work in unison to do the bidding of the control center in our brain  where all ideas and reactions are given and received and processed; this is mere daily life to all of us.

We receive stimulus from our environments and we respond to that stimulous with the behavior patterns we have been taught and we fall in line with predetermined outcomes based on our genetic makeup, so we have been told; but is there a different truth that has been overlooked?

Why does cancer run in the family?  Why is Alzheimer’s passed on from generation to generation?

Is it possible to break these patterns of disease and forge a new way forward to greater health?  If so then how?  And if it’s possible to do so then that means we are not slaves to genetic code.  So here we are faced with the debate of nature vs. nurture; environment vs. genetics.

Are we more powerful than we have given ourselves credit for?

How is it possible for us to evolve over time into these ingenious human entities that function on such high levels, having come from such species as crawling lumps of slime to chest beating cro-magnon man [uprightus-beat-you-on-the-head-with-a-clubbus] to what we are now if our minds and wills didn’t have the power to make the changes necessary for evolution and survival?

Is it survival of the fittest or is it evolution of the smartest?

Or is it possible that things happen for other reasons and that mankind has figured out some of it and just guessed at the rest in an attempt to connect the dots to fill in the spaces they can’t prove scientifically?

And these spaces they fill are mere holding places, theories; unproven ideas that make sense to a group of thinkers or to the one who pursues an idea until he himself is satisfied.

And these unproven theories or mere guesses that seem plausible under one light that has been shed on the issue thus far, after enough time and repetition are used to fill in the gaps satisfactorily to the degree that somewhere along the way someone calls the theory a fact, and it goes overlooked, unchecked and is somehow suddenly viewed as common knowledge.

And this albeit false common understanding, these unproven theories remain nothing more than educated guesses and so today we have things like the Big Bang Theory and Darwinian logic being out-poured as proven science.

Fifty800BWAnd the energy that has gone into indoctrinating the masses to accept these theories for convenience has overwhelmed the notion that they are plausible guesses and that they may be incorrect, but an entire establishment of academia and standards are then built on their suppositions.

And when someone comes along to remind them that these things are still only theories, not actually reproducible in the scientific laboratory, we are rebutted with the notion that some alternate idea, some other theory of belief that has been held up as an opponent to whatever is at stake, is just as much a fairy tale or unproven lump of conveniently connected dots used to pacify a curious mind, to fit into someone’s dogmatic makeup or construct.

So we are given the rhetoric of Evolution vs. Creationism and all the assumptions that go along those commonly understood theories.

And we are left still with nothing more than debate, opinion and argument that have led to frustration, rancor and division of people who have taken sides rather than peaceful, accepted truth, which is that we can’t prove everything and that just because one thing makes sense to one person it’s still OK that someone else doesn’t get it, or that they get it but don’t  like it so they choose to follow a different set of guidelines.

And this creates division among people and persons and groups, societies, nations, religious lines and cultures, etc.

And sometimes these differences can coexist but sometimes they just can’t; and it’s chaos to try and make them.

It would be like trying to dissolve vegetable oil in water.  It’s just not possible.  They can exist side by side but won’t combine and the longer you leave the two together undisturbed the more separated they become.  And the only way to get them to show any sort of compulsion toward unification is to violently stir them or shake them together, breaking them apart and dividing among themselves into smaller portions until you no longer see large pools of oil and water and it may seem like the oil and water has mixed but it has not.

eggsIt has only been so violently agitated these unified parts were broken apart and mixed together by force, and the only way to continue the false illusion is  to continue to agitate the solution.  Because leaving them to be in nature, they would eventually separate themselves to a more comfortable and natural state.

And so it goes to show that as hard as we try and as much as we hope to be able to prove something or make something that just is not, we have to follow truth.  We have to follow patterns that can be replicated naturally and not forced.  To force things is destructive and chaotic and breeds discontent and dissatisfaction.

Allowing things to settle in naturally feels right to the mind, body and spirit and brings enlightenment, truth and healing to the soul.  Balance can be achieved and harmony can be experienced, but only through the application of truth and correctly understood principles of Natural Law.

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