Cure For Depression In The Year 2015

19 06 2015

Put down, get away from, or unplug whatever screen has your attention and go create something of beauty, anything, but do it without your electronic device.

Cook a meal from scratch out of our imagination, make something new.

Draw a picture of yourself, then do it again.

Get out of the slavery and bondage of the Internet!

It is a web that is catching its prey.

The World Wide Web.

always watching

always watching

And it has caught humanity as its victim and they don’t even realize it.

Do Something Good

22 01 2015


Please do something good with no reward in mind and no benefit to self.

Please serve your brothers and sisters with compassionate love that you felt as a child toward another.

Please make something spectacular of your own design and imagination and creativity and share it with no one.

This is how we heal America.

Photographic beauty of rusting Steele

25 01 2011

I took this shot as I walked across the Steele bridge in Portland, OR last spring. This is an old and rusty drawbridge; a railroad bridge and a narrow two lane bridge for cars. It’s called the Steele bridge not because of its construction material but because Steele is the name of the street that runs across the bridge.

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