Dream to Reality

4 02 2013

lightBenjamin Franklin witnessed the first hot air balloon lift a human being off the surface of the planet in France.  The person standing next to him said “well what use have we for that?”

Franklin responded, “what use have we for a new born  baby?”

When you see something for the first time, don’t discount it if you don’t understand the application.  All inventions have use and purposes.  All ideas have some merit as long as the seed of the idea is set in good soil and fertile ground.  Meaning that all positive ideas, no matter how misunderstood, eventually will find their way into applications as long as someone persists in believing in that idea.

So if you have unique ideas don’t hide them.  Share them and don’t be afraid to look like a kook or a goofball with some off the wall new outlook or angle on something nobody has ever expressed before.  Because I guarantee you that there will be people around you , probably the people closest to you who will scoff and pshaw your brilliance as a passing comment.

Don’t let that stop you.  It just means they don’t think the way you do and that’s OK.

So build your empire in your mind.  Let your imagination run wild and write it out in a form as though you have to present it to the board of directors.  Then stand back and take a look at what you’ve done and you’ll realize that you are a  pioneer, a ground breaker, an innovator.  Believe in yourself!

Believe in your ideas.  Our imaginations were given to us not just to take us away into fantasy land and help us escape from trauma but to help us break free from the bonds that have been holding us back from achieving our dreams and making them real.  But we first must envision them in a realistic way without obstacles or doubts, including the idea that yes  you can get going out from under that mound of opposition you’ve been putting your focus on.

Imagine it first, you have to believe it if its ever going to become a reality.  And I can tell you that anything is possible with patience, perceverance, faith, failure, yes failure, and then getting back in the saddle and remembering your dreams and doing all it takes to make them happen.

Dreams seem far out of reach because they are so far off when we first imaging them, but the more we dream the same dream the more we become a part of that dream and the more we begin to notice that we are surrounding ourselves with the things that we have been imagining.

Believe, imagine and make it happen.


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