Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

23 12 2015

ringsAt this Christmas Season I have to give thanks for the greatest things in my life.

It may seem odd because of the things she says about me, but first of all I am grateful for my mom. She taught me some great principles early in life that helped me build a strong foundation up on which I’ve built my life, and my self, and most importantly my testimony in Christ; which is my rock and the essence of my foundation, which gives me strength to stand and move forward with a smile and humor and love

I may seem somewhat rebellious, I’m not really, I just do not conform to societal norms, and that makes me seem rebellious, to society, and to what is generally deemed ‘normal’.

chainsAnd in reality, those are the things that my mother taught me, to stand up for what I believe in and love what it is feels right in my heart despite the pressures of peer persuasion.

So in teaching me that, which was what she did, and it was the right thing, she did not understand that she was teaching me to rise above the expectations of others, and carve my own groove, even if it did not resonate harmoniously with the vibrations of those around me.

Because my vibe is one of peace, that I love, and it’s ironic that everyone who I spend time with loves the time we’ve spent together, yet my family finds my life somehow unacceptable.I know ma ABCs!

But that’s the funny thing about life. We learn to love things in our personal ways that only we understand by having to endure the uncomfortableness and displeasure required to know the joys of life.

And that is why older people are calm and wise and happy and patient and find joy in small and simple things, such as the noise children make or the chirping of birds early in the morning, that used to annoy us as young people.

IMG_1679.CR2I am thankful for my dad. We don’t speak anymore because we are two completely different people. But he showed me by example all my life to be just like him, but taught my through principles and lessons of love to become my own person and achieve those things I love by not being concerned with what other people think of me.

Which is ironic too, because he was always concerned about what I did, because of the way it would reflect on him, but he made me into the unique and somewhat rebellious, flowery, charismatic and creative, artistic person I became whether he knows it or not. In our times of private discussion, that I used to hate because they were arduous and almost abusive lectures, he taught me grit, integrity, strength and tenacity that I couldn’t have gotten on the football field or basketball court or anywhere else in life.

He made me the compassionate badass that I am today, and I am grateful because he gave me the strength to endure the almost unendurable pains of life after divorce, losing everything I ever wanted, to find myself again and have meaning and purpose in life every new day, to wake up, even if I’m alone with a smile, and laugh and make every day worth while.

_DSC0079.NEFAnd I love my sister, Shannon, who I miss so much. We had so much fun growing up. She has a wonderful husband and wonderful kids, I’m so proud of her I can’t even put it into words.

And my friends. You know who you are, no need to give names or a list. We will be together in spirit or in body or on the other side. Get some and Go Again!

maxfeetAnd of course my children. I may not be with them, but I am with them because I made them and I am a part of them, I am in their hearts whether they think of me or not, and they are in mine and we exist because of one another and they give me joy and strength in this life to endure until the next life where there will be no sadness or memories of loss. All joy and love. So that is why I just love them so much, because they honor me by being just like me even though they don’t even realize they are.

They are kooky, hilarious, musical, creative, artistic, brilliant, intelligent, gorgeous, compassionate, unique, beacons of badassery and brightness, just like I taught them to me, each an individual, each of them together as one.

idahomountainsThank God for my life and for my Savior Jesus Christ who made this life possible and who make it possible for me to have the love for these wonderful people I love and that I will be able to love them for eternity.

Merry Christmas. Remember what this holiday season is. It’s not to get presents or eat food or have blinking lights on a tree. It’s to remember that we have a Savior who made it possible for us to have the joys we feel at this holiday season. Without Him, we would not know this happiness. Give thanks, and make the world a better place in 2016.


The stranded panhandler (reprisal)

25 04 2008

a post about the array of panhandlers I see at the intersection of I-80 and 1300 East in Sugarhouse. Today on Drudge I saw a headline that read “Professional Panhandler: Girl Pretends to be Homeless to Pocket ‘$50 an Hour’…”. I clicked the link and it turned out to be a story on the very intersection I mentioned. See the story and video here.

I don’t understand how people can sleep at night when they’re tugging at honest (naive) people’s heartstrings to take their hard earned money. Some people have no shame. Like the lady in the story said, Karma (or whatever that force of justice in the universe is called) will come calling and she better have a more believable story than getting kicked out of her boyfriend’s house a week before Christmas. Get a job!

The traveling panhandler

11 12 2007

I was reading DT’s blog today and it triggered a response in me to make this post.

Every night I drive home on I-80 and take the 1300 East, Sugarhouse exit. Every night there is at least one, sometimes two panhandlers standing at the intersection with a shitty looking, hand scrawled note on a torn piece of cardboard. The characters rotate from time to time but I do see the same folks over and over again. The one that really cracks me up is the guy whose sign reads “Traveling, anything will help”.

I see this guy day after day after day. I am tempted to stop and ask him about his destination and why the hell he doesn’t try to hitch a ride or at least make an attempt to travel farther than the intersection he occupies.

The panhandling racket is something else. I can’t believe people actually give money to those clowns. I’m not a heartless bastard by any means but so often I just want to shout “get a job!” to the bums. I mean, we live in the U.S. freaking A. How hard is it to find work for the day, enough for a sandwich, coffee and some bus fare?

Don’t beg from me with your smoothly shaven face, Old Navy fleece and your clean set of clothes. If you want me to even consider kicking a couple of duckets your way you’re going to have to pull at my heartstrings with a missing limb, some kind of mold growing on your face or something better than a ratty looking cardboard sign.

Get a job!

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