Art and Music

12 04 2016


Art and Music are consumers of space.

There is a time and a place for all things, turn, turm turn.

One eternal round for God to renew and become new again and clean and glorified by the polishing grace of the glory born of His chosen races while the pace makes haste at distances as they leave a trace of their moments in time that rhyme in kind without knowing or blowing upon the winds under a wing to give flight in the night to live dreams and streams of a thread in the comfort of bed after nodding and trodding upon one another without reason through the seasons to uplift and give gifts to share and to bear one another‘s burdens without casting aspersion to encumber one’s ride so they can glide side by side on this earth with mirth to be taught and to teach to uplift through the mist we will rise with surprise to discover and be wise to share and not despair the seasons beyond reason to encumber or trepidate another‘s journey without earning or deserving the right to take flight in the night after not having enough rest to be blessed to have fun and come undone like the Son we are from we remember in December but throw away while we play and we make sure to be grateful for all that we have and been given so that living does not suck but is chill to be given grace from the most excellent choice from our brother whose mother was Mary and might have had a brother named Larry, but there are things we do not know so stones we throw at those who suppose to understand all they’ve been given from the One who has risen and has given us just enough to satisfy our curiosity but pacify those who love to fuel the animosity toward another brother then take cover the the name of fame to get gain.

And when it rains they all claim to have changed and be born again to profess to confess in the name of He who knows best to abide without pride for whom the prophets have prophesied would return as we earn our own place in His heart not by condemning sinners but for loving your brothers and being winners in this race where there is grace given by the Man who loves all and as we learn from Paul that we are all brothers from another mother that must give love to one another without pride to abide in a man‘s heart taking place in a space where there is no grace, only justice to judge us and make waste from our guilt but our Savior who’s name He was given in a manger called Jesus or Jehovah to the Jew to take over in the end to mend and reconcile so that Israel can send us on over to the promised land which will be grand to stand upon and with a throng.

Hallelueah, Hallelueah, Hallelueah, we are here.




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