It Is Time To Take A Stand. Where Do You Stand?

17 03 2014

This country is under siege and it’s time to take it back. No more time to mess around.

Civil War is upon us. It is a war for our minds, bodies and spirits and is as real as our first Civil War and the cost is even greater this time!

It’s time for those of us with the integrity, the strength, the fortitude and the balls to stand up and make a difference or we are lost as a sovereign nation, sold out to the special interests of the Global Elite. I will fight with my very life to see that this does not happen.

This blog is my online voice. I challenge any and all of you who want to put up and do more than just speak words but come to action.

This is your call to duty.  I am calling everyone out.  Who am I?  I am an American who cares and who is giving the rest of my life to fight for the cause of freedom.

America is dying and we, The People are the last bastion of hope in the last bastion of Freedom and Liberty this world has and will ever know.

The rest of the world is sold out, its foundation has crumbled and is decaying from the cancerous tumors of Socialist, Communist ideology. The economies of the world are dead and in the hands of the power elites. Obama, Putin, China, Iran and the corporate, wealthy, power elites, controlling the Shadow Governments of the world are now in charge.

We The People must stand up with our very lives or our very lives and liberties will be sold out and our children with have NOTHING.

Is that what we want for our future generations? If we do nothing but sit idly by and allow Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration to continue to usurp power and our liberties, we are at fault for the crisis that befalls our precious children. The sin is on our heads. I will not allow that to happen. Don’t you allow it to happen either. Standing back and saying you have no voice and no power is a lie and an excuse to let hell come in and destroy light, liberty and life.

We can not sit idly by and give up believing that Christ will come swooping in to save us.  We are HIS to stand up and prepare HIS way.  If we do nothing, he can do nothing for us.

Many are called but few are chosen.  And why are they not chosen?  Because of all I have said above and because they have their heads down to the ground worrying about their finances, their mortgages, their credit problems, their retirements and their luxuries, looking to the day they can relax and stop working.  Well life does not stop just because we want to relax.  We have been called, do not allow yourself to be overlooked and fail to be chosen because we all have a purpose until the very last day of our very last breath.

Stand up, your God given life, the breath you breathe and the intelligence that flows in your bloodstream was divinely given to you, to live on earth at this time, to serve a greater purpose, a purpose far greater than juggling your finances and making sure your beautiful yard is greener than that of your neighbors.

Your recreation and your vacations and your luxuries and your precious electronic devices will decay with your freedoms if you do nothing but sit back and watch. It is on YOUR heads for doing nothing

Do not be part of the problem. BE the solution. DO NOT be one of Marx’s useful idiots as the cancer of Socialism and Communism and any other ‘ism’ is allowed to destroy goodness, innocence, morality, character, virtue, common sense, natural law and a reverence for the very God who gives us the privilege to draw breath every day, to serve Him and our Master Jesus Christ, not to serve ourselves but to serve others, according to the first and second great commandments.

It is time to rise, to stand up for the cause of Liberty or lose it forever.

Join Me!!!




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17 03 2014
It Is Time To Take A Stand. Where Do You Stand? | Calmer Than You Are

[…] It Is Time To Take A Stand. Where Do You Stand?. […]


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