It’s all about service to others

11 03 2014

Well, it’s pretty much all said and done now.  All we can do is sit back and watch it unfold.  In my previous posts I predicted, theorized really, misinterpreted is what I think I did…section 88 of the Doctrine & Covenants.  When I said that the half an hour of silence in heaven could be around 20 years, meaning that Christ would return in 2034, 2000 years after His resurrection…I thought I was pretty clever.  But I don’t believe that anymore.

I think it’s coming sooner than that.  I’m not going to lay any predictions down but I know what I believe and I’m happy and ready and living my life exactly the way I need to be.

I want to share with anyone who reads this, something that is very sacred to me.  My relationship with my Heavenly Father.  It’s not some fairy tale relationship, some imaginary God who sits on yonder throne in His majesty while I beg for mercy at His feet.  He is a personal God, a loving Heavenly Father who makes Himself manifest to me in personal ways, and has been doing so over the past several years and I didn’t even realize it.

I have always been taught that anything that is good comes from God and anything that is evil comes from the devil.  And that those things that prompt you to do good are of God and those things that prompt you to sin are of the adversary.  It really is simple if you understand it in those terms.  It’s really easy to discern even if you’re making mistakes in your life.

Too often we feel we are unworthy to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit because we have sinned.  Nonsense!  We always make mistakes.  The only reason the Holy Spirit would be gone for good is if we were outrightly rebelling, openly against God.  And we’re not doing that.  We’re just trying to get through life and we give in to our passions, our desires, our emotions and then we feel guilt or fear or shame and we allow those negative things to plague our happiness.

Those are the tools of the adversary!  Don’t beat yourself up because you made a mistake.  Just quit making mistakes.  Recognize them, move forward.  If you have a bad habit, trust that the Lord understands the habit even better than you do, and in your justification of that habit, he really does understand how you feel and why you choose what you choose and He allows it.  And if you want to be free of those habits, He will guide you in your release of them.  If you want to hold on to them, He will continue to love you and bless you in all the other areas of your life.

All that, and let everyone else be who they are, to make their own mistakes, just be there for them when they need help.  Regardless of how you feel, do what is right.  That’s how it works.  Any other way, it doesn’t work…and how long have we been watching things not work?

I’m starting to ramble…but I just want to change directions with my blog.  The politics served a purpose to get the truth out there but the damage is done.  It’s time for healing and preparation for Christ’s return.




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