Hillary’s Head Collides with Iran, Blood Clot My Foot

2 01 2013

chains (2)The Keystone cops are back in action in Iran, Hillary bumped her head trying to sneak a meeting  with the enemy

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Extra, extra, read all about it! –> http://www.eutimes.net/2012/12/clinton-injured-us-navy-seal-killed-in-secret-us-mission-to-iran/

A Navy Seal Commander was killed in the plane crash and the media is telling us that it was a possible suicide.

Navy Seals don’t commit suicide.  They’re Navy Effing Seals.

And we’re told in America that Hillary had a blood clot from a stomach virus she got a couple of months ago or some nonsense like that and the Obamanationators are going to eat it right up and deny any possibility that our Government is in Kahoots with the Enemy.

Couldn’t be! Not America! We  have Carte Blanche througout the world!

Except for this fiscal cliff thing we’re hanging over right now, what a hangover that is.  Welcome to 2013.  Taxes are up, the Dems are working their fast hands and their bags of tricks right under our noses.  Penn and Teller couldn’t match these magicians.

Israel under the bus, thank you Uncle Sam.  Let’s see where the Nukes go.  The cold war is heating up again and V Putin just made it so that no more Russian babies could go getting adopted to America.  Enemies for sure, we’re starting to draw lines in the sand again like we used to.  WWIII is coming and I’m going to enjoy my popcorn while it unfolds because I know how it ends and after it’s all said and done, we win!

God Bless America, pass the Tylenol!




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