4 01 2011

I have a head full of words
To go along with this tune
But they don’t go together
And while I sit in my room

I fix my gaze on a flame
Burning brighter than me
Rising like the sun
And it sets my soul free

Then the puzzle pieces start
Falling right into place
But the images in my mind
Confound all time and space

And all the bright lights in my eyes
Take my attention away
From everything I love
And I forget to pray

Then turn down a lonesome road
To see what I find there
To get away from what I know
But then I feel a little scared

I’ll never find my way home
Thinking my hope is lost
My heart says do the right thing
No matter what the cost

Cause you can choose your own way
But you can’t sit on the fence
When it’s time to show your cards
You got to pay the consequence




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