Worlds collide

18 08 2010

I sit here in a hotel room because I don’t have a home.  I have so many friends who take care of my every need.  I love them so much.  I’ve been so blessed to have such wonderful friends and new aquaintences but there is another side to the coin.  I have a family and a wake of destruction behind me who don’t have any faith in me and who don’t want me around. 

What if those two worlds were to collide?

It would mean work for sure.  Healing would be the ultimate goal.  To bring a family together after having broken it apart would be a true miracle.  I hope it is possible.  I have lived my life to make it that way and it’s time now to heal.



2 responses

23 09 2010

Hi Tami. You don’t have to hide. Blogs track users by IP address and location and you’re a dead giveaway with what you said anyway. Get over it. Move on. Negativity and anger will only continue to keep you down in your pathetic and dreary hole. Thanks for checking out my blog though. Say hi to my mom for me.


30 08 2010

Do your new friends know about your manipulation and lies? your posts sound good but are not truthful. you are so in denial of your addictions!


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