Sr. Chinese army officer says Islamic separatists are biggest danger to the Olympics – big surprise!

4 08 2008

Extremist groups of The Religion of Peace are taking matters into their own hands again to spread their gospel message by blowing up 32 Chinese policemen at a border post in Xinjiang, China this week. The Turkestan Islamic Party in China has release a video entitled Our Blessed Jihad in Yunnan and has threatened the Olympics.

The Washington-based IntelCenter, which monitors terrorist communications, has quoted Col Tian Yixiang of the Olympics security command centre as saying, “The Chinese have haughtily ignored our warnings [and]…the Turkestan Islamic Party volunteers…have started urgent actions.”

Wow, big surprise there.  The Chinese have ignored and denied these warnings.  I can’t believe the Olympic Committee has the balls to actually think holding the Olympics in China is a good idea.  China is the last country on Earth that is any sort of good-will standard and should be sanctioned to the gills if anything.  I’m just astounded at the arrogance and ignorance displayed by these groups and the willingness of others to put themselves in harm’s way just to execute another Olympic games.  God bless our athletes and may they be protected from this fanatacism.




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