How much time do we have left?

1 07 2008

I like to keep my eye on the news, watch events unfold around the world, see the calamities pour out on unfortunate peoples around the world and stay informed about the wars being fought here, there and everywhere.

I see California burning, I see the Midwest being drowned, Asia is being rocked by earthquakes, and we had the big tsunami and then Katrina tear things up in New Orleans. I got excited just the other day when I saw gas for under $4.00/gal.

I was around for the gas rationing in the 70s and remember complaining about the price hitting $.75/gal and having the stomach to imagine a world where a gallon of gas cost a whole dollar! Good gawd, here we are at $5.00+/gal for freaking gas in the USA. I think it might be time to tap into the oil reserves. Screw the wildlife, they will figure out how to survive, I need to get to work and back without having to scrape together my life savings for a tank of gas.

Global warming is completely weird too. I mean, yeah we have had acid rain, greenhouse gas, the holes in the ozone layer, sun spots, etc. and Al Gore is telling us that we are going to kill the earth when there’s a pattern of warming and cooling according to scientists that has been going on as long as this planet has been spinning. I don’t think measly little man has the power to kill mother earth on his own.

I do, however think that man has the power to completely screw things up so bad that only the Messiah will be able to save us. I think we’re headed in that very direction and it’s coming faster and faster every day. Talk about time speeding up, it’s exponential with the way technology is going and how crazy the godless scientists are going with their theories and power mongering with all their new discoveries big and small. Space and Genetics, the infinite bigness and smallness and now man has tapped into these things so far that quantum physics and genetic engineering are playgrounds where man can play god.

I find it odd that there are so many apologists for Islam out there defending the rights of a religious movement that has done nothing for the world other than to bring terrorism front and center. There, I said it. Maybe the Quran teaches peace, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I spelled Quran right but I can tell you this. There are Christians, there are Jews and there are Muslims. The Christians have done their fair share of crusading and screwing the world up but we’re over that. The Jews have always been a peaceful people. The Muslims have always been hell bent on destruction, murder, mayhem and chaos. Hey, I call it like I see it. We can point fingers in all directions at one time or another but there’s no other world wide religion out there like Islam that is causing so much horror across the world.

Why don’t people wake up and just see things as they are? It would be nice to be able to succinctly put it all together in a little signs-of-the-times pocket reference book but that’s impossible to do. The closest thing we have is the Bible. It’s just so dang hard to understand! I just wish more people would do their own research and not think that history began at the chapter they found themselves reading in their local high school history book.

There are so many voices talking so loudly with such soothing and seductive messages and they are controlling the minds of the masses with their messages telling people what they have to believe to fit in category A, B or C and then defining the categories and telling the youth that they must choose which category to belong to if they want to prosper in today’s society.

Who should we listen to? Who is the voice of reason in today’s world? Who has the answer? Where do we turn for comfort? Where do we go for shelter when things really start crashing in?

I look forward to your comments.




3 responses

11 08 2008
Stephanie Cole

I have read what you have said, and it was weird that I ended up finding your site. Today I was just playing on the net to figure out how much time we had left in life from the ozone and all the damaging things around us that are going to hurt us in time. I really do agree with what you said, I don’t know how to change things, people that are more negative are heard more often then positive. That is what I think! I think if everyone just took a look around and stopped having children till they were 25, and start making there own gardens and bought there own animals for there own meat. The chemicals from big industrial corporations, it will lessen the ozone damaging. I mean gas pollution is a big one because everyone wants or needs a car.

But the more things people invent that they think we need. They might end up being bad for us, not just mentally, but physically for our lives. I think people should by more into the wildlife, and learn to feed themselves instead of depending on stores so much. There are so many things I can think of. I will admit, I do smoke cigarettes, and I know that is a bad risk for me and everyone around me. But one thing I would want to happen, is the demand of stopping cigarette companies of selling them. Because we don’t have them, then we won’t smoke. Unless people want to grow there own tobacco. I now for awhile people will get cranky and rude. But in the end, it might be good in long run for a lot of people. There is so much bad in the world today. Why can’t we take one of those things away. And if we do that, and with in a year, if it does work. Maybe try something else.

Who knows if it works or not, trying is a start. A voice needs to be heard. I have always wondered if it was possible for everyone on the world to be happy for just one day…….is that even possible. I don’t know that, that is just an idea of mine that is going with your idea. Thank you for writing that.


6 07 2008
jhOy imPeRiaL

it is just a very sad to see that people never learned. 😦


2 07 2008

I think people are unfortunately looking to Obama as the Messiah, when he may be just the opposite.


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