Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy…suh-wing batter

20 05 2008

Read the good news here. While it’s heartbreaking to lose a family member or loved one, it’s going to be nice to be rid of this fat head when the cancer finally wins. Call me heartless, but Kennedy has done more than a little bit to deserve this horrible demise.

May he enjoy the journey over his own personal Chappaquiddick bridge to hell.




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2 06 2008

Idealized says : I absolutely agree with this !


20 05 2008

Would Edward Kennedy’s ADVANCED BRAIN cancer treatment be allowed by the British Health System? My buddy in the National Health Service says probably not.

Given his age and advanced cancer, I’ll bet the socialized medicine machine certainly would not have paid for that $10000 helicopter ride that Mr. Kennedy got from his private island paradise to the hospital.

Let’s let Ted go over to Great Britain to have the doctors at the National Health Service treat his cancer.

Of course, I would think that he’d be denied cancer therapy as Ann Marie Rogers (a breast cancer patient) was denied an anticancer drug by the British court. Too bad she was not allowed to buy private health insurance by the socialized medicine folks in England.

Sorry, Ted, no cancer treatment for you. Health care rationing, you know. Just read the fine print in Mr. Obama’s health plan. It will all be clear then.

Also, Ted Kennedy is going to have to eventually answer for Mary Jo Kopechne, in this life or after. Ted, it’s getting about time to fess up to your past.


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