The Israeli occupation?

10 01 2008

This week George Bush said, “There should be an end to the occupation that began in 1967. The agreement must establish a Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people.”

First of all, there is no “Palestinian people”. If anything, the Palestinian people are made up of Arabs and Jews together. The Palestinian people are those people who occupy the Palestinian territories. They are not a race and they are not a nation.

After all of the Jewish concessions to the Arabs over the last couple of hundred years, not to mention the last couple of thousand years, I don’t understand how any educated person can call the Jewish existence in Palestine an occupation. The bottom line is that the Arabs will never be happy until the Jews are eradicated from Palestine. The Jews want nothing more than to live free in their homeland. Yes, Palestine is the Jewish homeland and always has been.

Take a look at historical maps and see how the Jewish state has dwindled into what it is today. Jewish concessions and cooperation has given the Arab Palestinians more and more of what they ask for. What more do they want? We know what they want but for some reason the leaders of the world are unable to admit it and are continuing to try to solve the problem by giving away more and more of the Jewish homeland.

Not only did the Jews bring Israel back to life, which brought the Arab Palestinians into the area, but they are leaving and surrendering their lands at the behest of world leaders under the veil of “peace”. This is not peace, this is occupation by the Arabs.

Black is white and white is black in this ridiculous conflict. George Bush is fighting a war on terror. He absolutely understands what it is the blood thirsty and barbaric Arab Palestinians want. It is the destruction of Israel, the Jews and the west. He is complicit in feeding their blood lust while working to fight it on other fronts. Shame on President Bush for supporting the terrorism of the PLO and continuing to give in to their demands for destruction and occupation.

Give the Jews their homeland. The Arabs have more than 90% of the land in the area and they want the Jews to give up the slivers they have established in their quest for some sort of sovereignty. The right thing to do here would be to protect Israel and tell the Palestinian Arabs to take it or leave it, then prepare for war.

Nobody wants war but there will be war until the Jews are extinguished from Arab lands. The Jews deserve to exist. They are a peaceful people who welcome peaceful coexistence with other nations. The Arabs are the problem. The Arabs are the occupiers. Shame on George Bush for supporting them.




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3 02 2008

finally, someone with common sense…there was never a country named Palestine…the Arabs cant even pronounce it right (filistine)…most Palestinians trace their roots to Jordan and not the holy land…all that it boils down to is a bunch of Muslims trying to lay claim to the last remnants of the holy sites so the dhimmi second class religions can pay them hommage. And its absurd to say that the Palistinians were in that land since Jewish times. There have been Jews there since the Romans renamed it Palestine, but most “palestininians” were nomads who wondered in the region. If you can answer these questions…1. What was the government of palastine that was supposedly overthrown? after all it was a country before the Nakba right? 2. What did the flag look like? (before they copied Jordans flag)? By the way even Jordan found them a threat and kicked them out of their country. and 3. ask any Palestinian to draw you a map of Palestine…se if it is the whole area encompassing all of Israel as well. The only Palestinians that deserve respect are the Christians because even they are considered second class to the Muslim Palestinians. My wife is from a small Palestinian Christian village called Taybeh, known as Efraim until the Muslims changed the name, But it was the last town Jesus visited before he died. Just last year housed and churches were burned there by a muslim mob. ONe last thing…I cant stand the term Zionist…who cares if you consider me a Zionist becasue all the Palestinian people are are a different kind of Zionist. Some people are just so impressionable they are willing to believe anything…learn the history behind certain things and not just what people “say.”


10 01 2008

There are conflicting opinions on that. Many Arab leaders agree that the Arabs left for the reasons I gave. Today the spinsters are revising history to show that the Jews are the aggressors. I can demonstrate exactly what I am saying the way you can too, and without using Wikipedia…hardly a trusted source for facts.

“The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live.” — PLO Spokesman Mahmud Abbas in 1976

“We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down.” — Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri

The British government in the 1920s and 30s stated that the Palestinian immigration was illegal from Sinai, Jordan and Syria. That is where the Palestinians came from…from their homeland to the Jewish homeland.

The Arabs left because they did not have the same attachment as the Jews and left for surrounding Arab countries and were preparing for extermination and occupation…sending the Jews “into the sea”. The Jews occupied their nascent homeland, the same land that has been theirs for a couple thousand years. The Arabs are the occupiers and the tyrants.


10 01 2008

in regards to the last paragraph of your response:

“In the first decades after the exodus two diametrically opposed schools of analysis could be distinguished. In the words of Erskine Childers[65]: ‘Israel claims that the Arabs left because they were ordered to, and deliberately incited into panic, by their own leaders who wanted the field cleared for the 1948 war’, while ‘The Arabs charge that their people were evicted at bayonet-point and by panic deliberately incited by the Zionists.’ Alternative explanations had also been offered. For instance Peretz[66] and Gabbay[67] emphasize the psychological component: panic or hysteria swept the Palestinians and caused the exodus.

Changes after the advent of the New historians
In the 1980s Israel opened up part of its archives for investigation by historians. This coincided with the emergence of various Israeli historians, the so called New Historians, who favored a more critical and factual analysis of Israels history. One of them, Morris, concludes that Jewish military attacks were the main direct cause of the exodus, followed by Arab fear due to the fall of a nearby town, Arab fear of impending attack, and expulsions. The traditional Israeli version was replaced by a new version: the exodus was caused by neither Israeli nor Arab policies, but rather was a by-product of the 1948 Arab Israeli War[68][69] The Arab version hardly changed but did get support from some of the New Historians. Pappé calls the exodus an ethnic cleansing and points at Zionist preparations in the preceding years and provides more details on the planning process by a group he calls the ‘Consultancy’.[70]”
So yeah, the arab leaders did not tell people to leave, even Israel historians think so. I am not claiming that the leadership during the 1940’s and 50’s were good, I would argue that they villified Israel in an attempt to shift blame from themselves. But your claim is wrong in this instance. Malaria infested? You are joking right?
Thank you though for clarifying your earlier statements.


10 01 2008

I apologize for it sounding that way. The Arabs came in droves to occupy the newly developed lands. Most of Palestine was uninhabitable and malaria infested. I’m talking about that part of the land.

I did not mean they were not there at all before, how can you actually believe that’s what I mean?

In regard to the second statement about blood thirsty and barbaric…I’m talking about those very people, the blood thirsty and barbaric. Those who would be satisfied only after the extermination of the Jews.

Remember that it was the Arab leaders who convinced their people to leave the region. What was the purpose? So that they would be safe while the Jews were killed off. Well, they screwed that plan up and they created a major refugee problem. They did it to themselves because they are ignorant, racist and genocidal.


10 01 2008
Edmund Tadros

you said:

“Not only did the Jews bring Israel back to life, which brought the Arab Palestinians into the area”

“the blood thirsty and barbaric Arab Palestinians”

Im pretty sure those count as blanket statements as well as insinuating that the Palestinians were not in the region prior to 1948.

I could pick out more but i’ve made my point. All I ask is that you consider what life is like for the average palestinian who’s family has lived in the region for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.


10 01 2008

Well, I’m not trying to make friends with the post. I’m also not making a blanket statement as you assert either. I understand very well the Palestinian conflict. From my point of view the Jews belong there and the Arabs want them out. Not all of them but as far as the political conflict goes the two teams are the Jews and the Arabs. I have stated things correctly in that context and the Arabs have been given far more than they deserve.

What are these urban myths you claim? Racist ignorance? LOL!! How can you defend the barbaric actions of the Palestinian Arab terrorists and call me a racist? They have displaced their own people and blame the Jews for it. I think you’re the one who needs to look a little harder and unbind your panties.


10 01 2008
Edmund Tadros

I find your ranting offensive. To character all palestinians are violent terrorists who only came into israel post-1948 is ignorant. Palestinians (the only correct thing you wrote was that a palestinian can also be jewish as well and christian and muslim) have lived in the region since the time of the Israelites. To somehow brush off the rights of an indigenous people by claiming they are simply law breaking immigrants borders on racist ignorance.
Try doing some independant research, read a few books, heck just search wikipedia and you will get a clearer understanding of the conflict and its roots.
You do have to right to express your opinions, I would just hope that these opinions were formed after reviewing the facts and not urban myths.


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