My blog stats this morning

20 12 2007

Today I took a look at the search engine terms used that landed people on my blog. Here they are below, look at the one in bold.

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
ripstick 6
john edwards bastard child 3
most hilarious picture 3
8 year old penis 2
van halen t-shirts 2
girlsnap 2
kungfuchicks 2
small ripstick 1
john edwards love child validity 1

First, what the hell is anyone doing searching on ‘8 year old penis’? Second, what is in my blog that matched me up with those sick f**ks? Go ahead and Google it for yourselves, let me know what you find…or don’t.




One response

4 01 2008

You should see some of the things people are searching for that leads to some of my content.. Better not think of it, I won’t sleep tonight.

If you really want to know what search terms lead to what posts, install google analytics.


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