Can Robin Hood save America?

14 12 2007

What is wrong with the Democrats? Do they honestly think they’re going to save America by collecting taxes on the rich and big corporations? In the recent debate there was more of the same garbage we always hear from them. Tax the rich! Big corporations, bad!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that rather than tackling the issue of a balanced budget they are resigning the argument and instead pointing the finger of blame at Bush by saying, “we’re not going to be able to dig ourselves out”.

What are their solutions to anything? They want to pull troops out of Iraq but nobody has come up with a plan of how that’s going to be accomplished. None of the democrats have given any hint of an interest in protecting our borders or continuing to secure America from the terrorist threat that they almost deny exists. They act as though Mexico belongs in the USA and that if we just play nice with the Palestinians that they will lose their lust for our destruction.

Their happy feelings and Eutopian dreams will just blend us all into that wonderful idealistic melting pot our elementary school teachers told us about. Then Hillary and Obama can go skipping hand in hand through the lily fields basking in the glory of their accomplishments. Who needs a savior when we’ve got the Democrats?




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