The traveling panhandler

11 12 2007

I was reading DT’s blog today and it triggered a response in me to make this post.

Every night I drive home on I-80 and take the 1300 East, Sugarhouse exit. Every night there is at least one, sometimes two panhandlers standing at the intersection with a shitty looking, hand scrawled note on a torn piece of cardboard. The characters rotate from time to time but I do see the same folks over and over again. The one that really cracks me up is the guy whose sign reads “Traveling, anything will help”.

I see this guy day after day after day. I am tempted to stop and ask him about his destination and why the hell he doesn’t try to hitch a ride or at least make an attempt to travel farther than the intersection he occupies.

The panhandling racket is something else. I can’t believe people actually give money to those clowns. I’m not a heartless bastard by any means but so often I just want to shout “get a job!” to the bums. I mean, we live in the U.S. freaking A. How hard is it to find work for the day, enough for a sandwich, coffee and some bus fare?

Don’t beg from me with your smoothly shaven face, Old Navy fleece and your clean set of clothes. If you want me to even consider kicking a couple of duckets your way you’re going to have to pull at my heartstrings with a missing limb, some kind of mold growing on your face or something better than a ratty looking cardboard sign.

Get a job!




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25 04 2008
The stranded panhandler (reprisal) « Calmer Than You Are

[…] stranded panhandler (reprisal) 25 04 2008 A few months back I made a post about the array of panhandlers I see at the intersection of I-80 and 1300 East in Sugarhouse.  Today on Drudge I saw a headline […]


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