Politics and religion in the 2008 race

10 12 2007

Why Mike Huckabee will never be win the presidency

We often hear people say never to mix politics and religion. For people of faith, that is impossible. Those who don’t follow any particular religious tenets may be able to separate the two issues. But because their lives are not founded on a faith in God they misunderstand that faith inherently guides every ethical and moral decision. Therefore politics and religion go hand in hand.

The arguments for separation of church and state are taken to unreasonable extremes by factions who are opposed to religion based morality, faith in God and the structure that adherence to the ten commandments brings into the lives of Christians. Those on the outside looking in see it as restrictive. Those on the inside see it as safety and comfort in a world of turmoil.

That brings me to the recent happenings within the GOP presidential race. We have Mitt Romney, an LDS man with a squeaky clean record but with a controversial fath, and Mike Huckabee with a seriously right wing Christian history who tends to fan the flames that the left wingers carry for their hatred of the Christian right.

I think Mitt Romney’s recent address to us about his faith flipped a switch in Huckabee that has caused him to start speaking as a man of faith more than a politician. The problem I see for Huckabee is that his extreme right wing whacko tendencies are coming out and unfortunately for him, I see it being his demise.

I think Mike Huckabee is a good man with a good moral compass. The one thing I find difficult, and this goes for all of the ‘fundamentalist’ Christian types, is that they come down with such black and white, judgmental force on certain moral issues facing America today that they draw a dividing line rather than uniting people. Issues like abortion, homosexuality and sin in general make guys like that spew hellfire and brimstone rather than hope and unity.

America needs some change and I personally believe that America’s moral compass is broken, but the last thing that is going to help is someone from the Southern bible belt wagging his finger and telling everyone that we’re all in a spiritual darkness and that God is punishing us with earthquakes, floods and the plague of AIDS. That is not the job of a president and that is why he is never going to be the president.

Mitt Romney’s speech defending and clarifying his faith was one of the best political moves he could have made. Not only did it distinguish him as a man with a firm resolve for what is right and what is wrong but it made his most formidable opponent step up and promptly shoot himself in the foot with his whacky Christian right rhetoric.

I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with Huckabee’s views, but his heavy handed preaching is too rich for my blood and it’s definitely no way to win the GOP nomination. I sure don’t want that in my president and America would never go for it either. Can you imagine a guy like that in meetings with Ahmadinejad? Nukes would be flying in no time.

A president needs to be a leader, to uplift and bring people together. If Mike Huckabee wants a chance he has to stop ringing that division bell and show himself as a man of compassion and understanding. I can see him following in the footsteps of our favorite right wing Pats, Buchanan and Robertson, working the talking head circuit to pimp their latest writings on why America is doomed.




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