12 10 2007

It’s up to us whether we will be happy or not. Our surroundings, our environment, our circumstances…they are all secondary to what we feel inside.

We can choose to be happy with what we have, or not. If we don’t like what we have then we are faced with a choice. The choice is to change those things or remain with them. If we remain with them and we are unhappy then we have chosen to be unhappy.

I choose to move forward and pave my own way. I choose to set my mind on the light ahead rather than the darkness behind me. Life is a journey and should be experienced with enthusiasm and anticipation for what’s coming around the next corner. The unknown is as scary as it is envigorating so I’m going to jump in with both feet and make my mark on this world and my fingerprint is uniquely mine.

Future generations will determine what my residue has created and I anticipate the day I can look back from wherever I am and see the groove I’ve carved and the wave I’ve made and how powerful my life has been as it has intertwined with the lives of everyone else on this big blue marble.




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3 11 2007

I love you Duggie man! Stay positive and always remember there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…even if that rainbow ain’t so purdy sometimes.


26 10 2007

Dude, Sooo True, I needed to read that one today. It got me outta my own funk!!!

I often forget what kind of mark I’m leaving behind when I focus too much on how unhappy my past is. the Key is to focus on the present state of being with a slight glimpse toward the future to chart and Choose my results (happy or unhappy) As for me, I like the way happy feels so I am inspired to choose in the present those things that bring life to the results of happiness.

It reminds me of the scripture, “A man taking his hand to the plow, looking back, is not fit for the Kingdom of God:” How can we plow straight furrows if we don’t focus on what we’re doing in the present. One has to be aware of their surroundings in order to “Create” their desired results.

Anyway, enough of my Babble, Thanks for the thought on this one, it sort of knocked my back into consciousness!!

Cheers Bro!!


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