Hitlery Clinton is out to save AmeriKa

20 09 2007

Hitlery Klinton is at it again with a reincarnation of her universal health care plan. This time it has a new name — Individual mandate. We all agree to some degree that our health care system needs help and we all probably agree that as long as the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, HMO’s, etc. are the ones dictating our costs, that nothing is going to change any time soon.

We need a health care revolution indeed. The problem with that, however is that the government is beating us to the punch. Presidential candidates are using this so-called mandate as a springboard to election.

Americans like choice and Hitlery knows that so she is pretending that her plan gives us choice. We can choose to participate or not participate in her health care plan. That sounds wonderful but the government is going to be responsible for financing the new American HMO and employers will no longer be providing health care options to their employees.

We will still have the option of paying for our own health care though, and that sounds pretty good, right? Well, not so fast. Mrs. Clinton is also proposing that every American have health insurance prior to being hired. She’s sneaky. She will be able to campaign on the platform that she’s solving the health care crisis by providing it to every American. She will also be able to claim that she is not taking away choice for those who want other options. The problem here is that before one has employment they will have to buy into the socialist system and show proof of health care. This is an obvious catch 22 that sound bytes and bumper stickers will be able to ignore.

Beware of Hitlery, she is an evil woman drunk with power.




One response

5 10 2007
Tim Taaffe

You could not be more right about Hitlery.


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