Loud talking trash – A rant of rants

13 09 2007

<RANT grammar=”runon”>I hate when I go to a restaurant, typically a fast food joint of swanky mode and many star rating such as Taco Bell or Carl’s Jr., and have to listen a couple of tables away to a pack of inbred, or at least poor-bred, white trash, malcontent losers, usually consisting of several generations out for a “nice meal” and speaking at above normal volume bent on impressing those within earshot with their out-dated pop music ringtones, their proclivity for eructation, ball busting on one another to show alpha status, etc. and so forth.

It is at these moments that I want to walk over to the older generations in the group, AKA the parents and grandparents, and tell them to listen to their loudmouth children when they speak at home so I don’t have to be subjected to their mundane and horribly trivial and worthless interests while out in public.

Having said that, I wish to add that I love all people and forgive them for their rudeness and complete disregard of others present and their ignorant assumption that just because they are so simple minded as to believe others are interested in hearing them out-gas and bop head to a midi version of “Wake me up before you go-go” that everybody must be impressed by the same tripe.</RANT>



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