Call me retarded…I’m an idiot

4 09 2007

Sometimes I say things I don’t actually mean in hindsight. I have thoughts that are just random and when I’m having a conversation with someone I feel close to and can trust I don’t censor myself as much as maybe I should. I feel safe in just blurting out whatever pops into my head.

I’ve learned time and time again that it’s not necessarily safe to do so. People still take things literally and there are assumptions and conclusions drawn in their minds as to the meaning behind what I’ve said when in reality they’re just fragmented thoughts that get spoken with little or no meaning at all.

Think before we speak. Just do it, even if we feel completely safe with our present company.





One response

5 09 2007

First, I’d like to remark that you filed this post under both retardation AND wisdom.

Second, I think it is quite possible to feel safe/comfortable with your present company and (simultaneously) think before you speak. This is because:

a. You really like them and want to protect their feelings at all times. The thinking and speaking is very nice and lovely.
b. You know that if you mess up and offend them they’ll like you anyway.

Third, I think it’s probably OK if we piss people off, and realize how stupid we are in hindsight. If there is a true spirit of affection, willingness to change, and learning, then it will all work out for the best. There will be a better understanding OF everyone involved FROM everyone involved.


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