Bruno’s Pizza and the Rush – Day 3, part 1

10 08 2007

On the way home from Seattle I slept, and slept, and then I slept some more when we got home. I think I woke up at 11am the next day, which would be this day I speak of…day three. I was refreshed and ready to rock. This was the day we got to see Rush. Not Limbaugh, not a fraternity initiation but Rush, the band. Geddy, Alex and Neil.

Longview, WA is about 45 miles north of Vancouver, WA so we had a little schleppage to get to the venue but we also have the secret weapon, the time saver, the primo parking spot getter. Lance has a handicap permit hanging from his rear view mirror. He’s not officially handicapped, although if we took him to court they may make it official, but nevertheless, we have the permit. I’m not sure where it came from, he just has it.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself so let’s back up a bit and discuss this insanely delicious pizza we ate before we went to the show. The place is Bruno’s and the pizza is the pizza they will serve in heaven. Thin crust, tiny little thinly sliced pepperonis and whatever else they put on it didn’t matter much because the crust and pepperoni satisfied me like no other pizza before it. I would force feed this to starving Ethiopians if I could. Not much more to say about this pizza other than yum. Wherever you are in this world right now, stop what you are doing and buy passage to Longview, Washington for a taste of Bruno’s pepperoni pizza. Tell them Vaughn sent you. They don’t know me but mention my name. It won’t get you anything but still, tell them I sent you.

After feasting on Bruno’s we went back home for a short rest, the began our journey south to the County of Clark and the amphitheater at the fairgrounds. I grew up going to these fairgrounds so I expected some rinky-dink stage with bleacher seating. I was humbled to see that this venue was one to behold. It seated a good 20,000 peeps including the grass seating area, and the view was amazing, sound was great, the whole thing was incredible. A very nice place to see a show and a nice place to see Rush.

I grew up listening to Rush and was even invited to one of their shows back in 1978 by this cute neighbor girl from across the street. I think I was in the 7th grade and my dad told me I could go. I was a little shy at the time and had never heard Rush so I declined her invitation…and now I’m kicking myself for missing such an opportunity. I do think back however, that if I had gone maybe I would have lost my mind years earlier than I did after being exposed to something as mind expanding as a Rush concert at age 13. Sure, Rush is pretty static and they got little or no soul and Neil Peart couldn’t swing from a rope, even though he attempts it during his solo, but that would have been a mindblower for a kid like me at the time. I don’t know what would have become of me at that point in my life. I know it would have been an epic, life changing experience.




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